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Broncos LB Von Miller under criminal investigation

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21 hours ago, BroncoBruin said:

What gets me is how much **** the Broncos put up with when Von was a young player. We’ll probably never know the extent of what they had to cover up with him those first four years. They gave him everything. He had the world in the palm of hands. Media personality as long as he wanted. And he’s going to lose it all. 

If Ware didn't come into his life seven years ago, he may have been gone a long time ago.

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22 minutes ago, Zukhyubern said:

Do we even know what the investigation was about? 

Given there are no charges we probably won’t ever know.   The timing suggests it’s related to the ugly texting spat.  But honestly hard to know more.   If it’s no more than what was published then it’s a nothing burger.   

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25 minutes ago, Zukhyubern said:

Do we even know what the investigation was about? 

Domestic thing, no specifics, but I think we can make an educated guess about what the “goal” was here given how this all played out. At least that’s how it’s been presented by a couple media members. 

Hopefully Von and his ex can put their issues aside and be good parents.

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26 minutes ago, jolly red giant said:

The NFL still might take action - they operate under their own rules.

In order for the NFL to investigate - the material witnesses have to cooperate.   Von's ex has already recanted and refused to answer Q's with the legal investigation.


There have been only NFL investigations that have gone anywhere when the injured party in question cooperates, there are arrests & charges, there are witnesses (the NYG punter) , or the info is public.   

Anything is possible under the NFL rules, but given the context, this is incredibly unlikely - the investigation closing AND the recant by Megan Denise is why I say this, not just the investigation closing by itself. 

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