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Time to look for Ryan’s replacement?


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Long time Falcons fan I know it’s crazy to even bring up given how much he’s done for this team.

And I certainly don’t blame him for this season we just went through.

But I am a realist and know this show can’t go on forever.

Hes taken a beating these past three seasons and I’m worried how it’s gonna impact him as time goes on.

Im not saying we need to kick him out the door today. But how do we feel about drafting his replacement this upcoming draft & possibly letting him sit behind Ryan for 2-3 seasons?

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I know it’s a conversation we might not want to have right now.

But it’s one that I think needs to be addressed.

We are seeing Quarterbacks play into their 40s and Ryan fits the mold of these Brees, Brady, and Rodgers types. Rodgers a smidge less given he’s more mobile & had sat his first four years.

Ryan has been great for us, and hasn’t shown signs of slowing down. Just would like to get his predecessor while he’s leaving his prime rather than risk it till it’s too late.

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So tired of this narrative. It doesn't make sense and just seems media induced to get people talking. 

Matt Ryan has shown he's good enough to win a SB. He was not the reason we lost that superbowl, he has not been the reason this team has under performed in the past. Drating a QB is a huge crapshoot no matter what, just because there are 4 hot prospects now isn't any guarantee any of them will work out. The whole "It's rare we're picking this high so lets grab a QB" is just.. dumb. Imagine this team without Ryan. We'd be picking top 3 every year. So why settle for the fourth best QB when once Ryan's deal is up and we can move on without a caphit we can probably pick the #1 or #2 QB the year after that and have capspace to build around that QB instead?

Picking a QB right now is just so mind mindbogglingly stupid on a strategic level that the new regime can sodd right off if they do it. Even if it works out it would be a stupid move that shouldn't herald any praise what so ever.

For the record, I'm also not a fan of taking Pitts while Sewell is still available. During every season it's obvious we lose games in the trenches, if you get a chance to anchor those trenches with a blue chip prospect we should take it. Obviously trading down and doing so would be even better, but it will have to be for the right price.

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Yes, I'd be pissed if they didn't. It's by far the smartest move you can make. 

This team isn't close to being a superbowl contender and you can count on one hand how many QBs have had good seasons at age 38+.

I think Lance and Fields are really good QB prospects and could absolutely crush in an AS offense. Hit on one of them and our window is open for another 15 years.  

Matt Ryan is moveable next year, we could trade him as a post June 1st move and save money on the cap even after taking into account his dead cap hit + the new QBs salary.

I have a good feeling we will end up taking a QB. Hope my feeling is right. 


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WHile i wouldnt like drafting a qb just because that would mean an end essentially to the Ryan era, id get it. What i wouldnt get is sitting a guy 2-3 years, theres no red shirts in the nfl. theres lost experience and a ticking clock to his next real contract. SO we draft a QB, Ryan should start most of next season and then we trade/cut him in the offseason... as sad as that is to say.

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