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2021 NFL Draft thread (pick 1.4)

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Saw @swoosh say he’s hoping we trade down depending on how the board falls.

Personally I’m undecided as of yet. Haven’t scouted much but there are certain areas id definitely like to address. Offensive line being a big one.

Figure this can be the dedicated thread to lead up to the draft.

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BPA this whole draft, avoiding only WR (on day 1 and 2). I'll avoid the QB discussion for now as that's for a different day. 

RB, OL, DL, and DB all need help. LB to a lesser degree with Jones and Foye, but also depends on if Smith goes with a 4-3 or 3-4. 

S depends on what happens with Neal (FA), Kazee (FA), and Rico. I expect them to let Kazee walk and possibly cut Rico. Maybe offer a Neal a low guaranteed contract, but some team might overpay. Love him, but with his injury history he should only be brought back if the price is right, especially considering the cap situation. He did get better as the year went on, so that's encouraging. 

If they stay at 4, Sewell is #1 on my board if he's there. Generational talent at OT. If he's gone and the team decide to avoid a QB, the move has to be trade down, IMO. Slide to let's say 12 with SF. Grab an extra 2nd and a future 1st. Take BPA at 12, maybe you get a CB like Surtain or Farley there. Or even someone like Barmore. I think he's going to be a big time riser. BPA though. 

So in the first you probably end up with either OL, DL, or CB. LB only if it's Parsons. 

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Sewell is my easy top choice this draft as well.

I don’t think he makes it past Miami personally though.

Agreed on all fronts though. BPA, no need to get fancy with it. Avoid WR and just scout for the best talent possible.

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