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NFC Divisonal Round Postgame: Packers Roll Rams

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Not to be overly simplistic, but GB was clearly the better team.  There was nothing fluky about this win, and I was encouraged by almost everything I saw from the Packers today.  They look like a team that is locked in.

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50 minutes ago, 40Year Pack Fan said:

The first of the two was floated into the end zone....Along with tipped balls, Rodgers has been picked on these weak type of passes...

Has been picked . . . this is sort of true.  It has happened.  It wouldn't be that difficult for you to sort through all of his interceptions over the course of his career and find which throws you mean.  I'll give you 100 minutes for every single interception he's ever thrown, and you'll still have time to post a u-heart-rodgers gif in the appreciation thread before the NFC championship game.

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5 minutes ago, Cpdaly23 said:

Any word on Dillion’s injury?  I know they said it was a quad, but that package with him and Jones was really stressing the Rams defense.

Has to be a contusion/bruise. He took a direct shot on the quad and it had to be painful. Should be okay in a few days I'd guess. 

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If we get to the super bowl, I really want to see buffalo now, they can’t run the ball at all and with Jaire keeping Diggs in check our pass rush will get home. This is easily the best matchup for us 

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2 minutes ago, packfanfb said:

Nope but he reminds me of Shep and even one fumble would be too many in the playoffs. I'd go with a vet like Jamal back there.

Nope. He's NOT fumbled or screwed up and we lose Jamaal.....returning KOs (?) especially with AJD dinged up?

Nope. He might not be flashy - but he's been steady and not hurt the team.

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