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2020 NFC Championship - Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Green Bay Packers

Who will win?  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Bucs
    • Packers

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1 minute ago, BayRaider said:

I mean if Mahomes can get like 8 Super Bowl wins and 6 MVPs or something, he certainly has an argument. He’ll need at least one more Super Bowl win than Brady if Brady does it on two separate teams.


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Its not that Green Bay can't somehow score 24 in the 2nd half.

Its more can they stop Tampa from scoring 14+

Or some combo thereof.

Being down 10+ in a playoff game is bad news.

What Mahomes and Brady do when down 10+ is very much the exception to the rule. 

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This is just horrendous defense. 51 and 26 doing nothing. Cover 1 with a robber, so you get 31, 39, and 25 all covering Godwin, with both the other corners on an island. Just an awful call.

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Just now, Asciimo said:

KC fans in here being salty af because they know no one wants to play Brady in the SB lmao keep it up boys. @Kirill @Jakuvious @7DnBrnc53 S. A. L. T.


I've said for awhile, Tampa is the matchup I want. I'm rooting for Tampa lol. We beat them once already. Our D would get destroyed by Green Bay's OL though. Jones is the only guy we have good enough to win up front against them.

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Imagine coming up just short with clear defensive deficiencies and a HOF QB in the NFC Title Game, then trading up into the first round for a future quarterback when the ink on that other guy’s 4 year deal isn’t even dry yet. Imagine 

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