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2020 AFC Championship - Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Who will win?  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Bills
    • Chiefs

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Just now, y*so*blu said:

Looks that way.

Saw it with the body language on the entire bills defense after that Mahomes trickery mid drive. Them boys said damn there's nothing you can do

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1 minute ago, NeptunePenguins said:

Wow, this Chiefs team really was coasting in the regular season it seems. They finally look like the team that dashed Houston's dreams of last season. That's scary for the Bills and their fans. 

We tried telling you man 

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5 minutes ago, TitanSlim said:

Mahomes is frustratingly good.

Side step and shed the blitzer for a *almost* sack and find Kelce or Hill 15 yards downfield with no defender within a half mile of them.

Happens 40x per game and it's insanely annoying

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3 minutes ago, RavensTillIDie said:
11 minutes ago, Chiefer said:

I’d love to see a stat of Lamar rushing totals vs Chiefs. I’d venture a guess that it’s not good outside of a run or two


194 yards, 4.9 avg, 40 attempts


203 yards, 6.3 avg, 32 attempts


158 yards, 7.5 avg, 21 attempts


Yeah, Greg Roman is an idiot.

I only looked at 2020. But those are team stats, not Lamar only.

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Just now, Chiefer said:

We tried telling you man 

Everyone was asking why the D was so hot/angry/fired up, it's because this is the first time a couple of them have cared about a football game this much in awhile lol.

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Brady came into the KC lockeroom to acknowledge the greatness of Mahomes after he beat him in the AFCC game but it sounded like Mahomes was too pissed off to care, even though that's the quite the gesture from Brady. Now Mahomes gets the chance to go into his home and beat him. This is something out of a movie.

No more Dee Ford lining up 12 yards offsides means we got it in the bag.



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