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44 minutes ago, Kiwibrown said:

I heard most of his sacks were unblocked and schemed up rather than him beating his guy.


14 minutes ago, buno67 said:

watch his sack highlights. Doesn’t look like a guy who was unblocked out schemed up for sack. The schemed up sacks were nothing special, basic cross stunts 

I yeah a lot of his sacks on those highlights were stunts, coverage sacks, and a couple of high quality sacks. I actually charted it but left my notepad at work. Moderately impressed with him

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5 hours ago, mtmmike said:

Von Miller was cleared of wrong doing Denver is probably going to release him and draft Rousseau 

Bruh, a 3rd down rush package of Garrett, Rousseau, Richardson, Miller would be as scary as there is in the NFL.  And thats not counting whatever DT we get.

Image how Berry addressed the OL when it was a major issue, I can only imagine what would to the defense

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