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Your preferred SuperbOwl Matchup


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  1. 1. Matchup?

    • Packers/Chiefs
    • Packers/Bills
    • Bucs/Chiefs
    • Bucs/Bills

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Bucs/Bills for all the reasons already mentioned - but with the added bonus that i'm good with either outcome. As a Pats fan I'd want Brady to get his 7th, but I like the Bills & Allen and their fans are incredible/deserving.

Already bored of the Chiefs being so good (can understand the hate we got all those years), plus I don't want them to be the first repeat since us back in 2004.

Realistically though, I probably think it'll be Packers/Chiefs.

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1 hour ago, lancerman said:

The only match up I find uninteresting is Packers Bills. Any of the others is a good story 

I'm curious about your reasoning for this take

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50 minutes ago, Tk3 said:

I'm curious about your reasoning for this take

Because there 3 good storylines for these SB’s 

1. Chiefs vs Bucs. Tom Brady the current GOAT vs the best player in the league in a big rematch of the their AFCCG battle two years ago. Old lion vs young lion to see if the torch will be passed. Legacy wise it will be big for either one. Mahomes wins and he beat Brady on the biggest stage and it’s a huge feather in his cap as he builds his legacy. Brady wins and he pretty much puts a Spectre of “Mahomes couldn’t outdo him in the big games” as he’s chasing that number one spot. 

2. Packers vs Chiefs. You have a rematch of SB 1 with two historic franchises and it’s the two current best players in the league and really two of the most physically talented QB’s ever on extremely high octane offenses. Both QB’s vying for their second title as they establish their legacy.


3. Bucs vs Bills. Buffalo has never won a SB and they spent 20 years dominated by Tom Brady. The minute he leaves the division they have their best season in two decades and make the SB only to run into their arch nemesis. Buffalo has a chance to have the mist carthartic SB win ever or the most tragic loss 


Packers vs Bills is just too good teams going at. But so is every match up. There’s nothing really beyond that. There’s 20 years of history behind one match up, another is rematch of the AFCCG a few years ago and a passing of the torch type game and the other is the two MVP front runners 

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Bills vs Buccaneers

I think KC vs GB is probably the most likely which is fine with me too. None of the possible matchups make me cringe. Definitely would like for the Bills to win it all though.

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KC vs GB is the most likely and the largest market for those typical non football fans as everyone knows who Arod and Mahomie is so that is popular choice. I obviously would love my Bills in it and would like to see them face the Packers. Tom does have his own fanbase and brings a popular crowd to it I would hate to see him get another ring as the Media will be applauding him all year long. Not to mention they get the home field advantage in an already difficult year with limited amount of seats being available, not 100% sure but I think Tampa season ticket holders would get first crack at seats and only expecting 13-16k fans this would be a bit unbalanced. Tom proved he is better then his previous organization just to get where he is at but Arod, Mahomes, and Allen who all have been mentioned as MVP finalist would be able to prove it as 2 could face off against each other. 


In that order for me. Either way I think this weekend has the best match ups in a long time as each team has their own story to tell and having 4 of the top 5 QBs in it is pretty entertaining.

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4 hours ago, Go_Giants said:

Packers vs Chiefs 

Just to see new Rodgers and Mahomes State Farm Super Bowl commercials.

As long as I do not see Baker or those damn Toyota Sienna commercials I will be good with those commercials

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