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Seattle Seahawks -- Off-Season Thread


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Former 49ers’ DE Kerry Hyder is signing a three-year, $16.5 million deal with upside to $17.5 million with the Seattle Seahawks, per his rep


8.5 Sacks/ 10 TKFL/ 18 QB hits last year as a 5T-UT hybrid. Definitely inside track to start unless there is a huge improvements from Collier and Green.



Seattle has agreed to re-sign defensive end Benson Mayowa to a four-year deal that voids after the first two years, a league source confirmed to The Athletic. Mayowa re-signing was first reported by NFL Network. Mayowa, 29, was one of Seattle's best pass rushers last season.


Solid signing here. Insurance for Taylor and his knee. 

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Seahawks turning their focus to the DLine, love it. Also love that they're acquiring a player in Hyder who gives us some form of a pass rush from the LDE spot and can kick inside on 3rd downs. Benson is a great depth piece. 

This DLine could surprise people if we get improvements out of Collier and Taylor (most notably). I'd still like us to get Carlos Dunlap, but I don't know how realistic that is now. 

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1 hour ago, showtime said:

Russell Wilson wants Antonio Brown on the team. How do you all feel about that?

I was very against it last year. 

I’m actually for it this year. AB showed last year in TB that he’s willing to be a quiet complimentary piece on offense. He didn’t whine about his usage or draw unnecessary attention to himself. 

From a talent perspective, I have him ranked as easily the best WR left on the market. He would give our offense a ton of flexibility in how we could interchangeably move he, Lockett, and Everett all over the formation. 

And if it makes your star QB a little happier, all the better. 

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3 hours ago, animaltested said:

Cedric O back as well.

Seattle really hedging depth before the draft. Decent idea considering their lack of capital. IDK, hopefully they can turn 56 into two or three shoots in the top 100. But maybe they just stand pat. IDK

I imagine they would have to LOVE the value of any player who fell to them in the 2nd to stand pat. 

1 hour ago, animaltested said:

What is the structure of the contract of new Seahawks TE Gerald Everett - Field Gulls

Gerald numbers official. 

2021: 4 million against Cap

2022:(Auto voided) 2 Million Dead Cap

Love it; however, it does seem like we're going to be paying a lot of money to guys in 2022 that won't be on the team.

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40 minutes ago, showtime said:

I saw something on TV today that said Sherman and the Seahawks could come back together. Would you guys like that?

I'd be a big fan of it just because he's one of my favorite Seahawks of all-time and this roster could certainly use a veteran CB1, but I'm really skeptical as to whether we can afford him and/or if he'd be a good fit in this locker room. 

We don't have much available funds left and Sherman definitely doesn't strike me as a hometown discount kinda guy. He's also had some choice words regarding Russell that could present a challenge if he's invited back into a young locker room. 


I'm of the belief that it won't happen, as fun as it is to consider. 

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Ian Rapoport


Along with the trade, the #Seahawks gave G Gabe Jackson a 3-year, $22.575M extension, source said, which includes a $9M signing bonus. Jackson gets $7.075M in additional guarantees. A nice payday from his new team.


Makes sense, Gabe came in with zero guaranteed money, and a 9.6 2021 cap hit. I bet that extension slashes that cap hit quite a bit. 

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