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Seattle Seahawks -- Off-Season Thread


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On 6/16/2021 at 9:03 AM, animaltested said:

Loved seeing his first game action. I am so excited for this kid.

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6 hours ago, SaveOurSonics said:

According to most metrics, last year was an anomaly for him regarding his poor coverage scores. Between pass, run support, and rushing the passer, coverage will always be his third strength, but that doesn't make it a weakness. I would expect him to play closer to par this season. 

Overall I'm happy with the signing. Based off of historical precedent set by guys like Khalil Mack & Jalen Ramsey (comparable assets used to acquire them), I was expecting Jamal to command about $19m/year, so the $17.5m/year figure was a win in my book. 

That's not to say I love the trade. Time will tell if giving up all of those assets + a big contract for a sub-prime position is worth it (I'd bet not), but if Jamal is a wrecking ball at SS for the next half decade, it will be well worth it. 

Yeah, when he played for the Jets, he seemed like he was much better in coverage than he showed last year. Maybe it was a brand new system and the secondary just being really bad in general.

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