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Bears interviewing former LB Mike Singletary for DC


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1 hour ago, cp0k2 said:

Can't win with 'em!

Can not play with him. Can not coach with him!

Experience isn't an issue for Singletary; he was head coach of the Niners for a few years, in the era of the first Minneapolis Miracle. But that was the peak of his coaching career, and he's been out of the league for four years. Seems like a nostalgia thing to me.

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1 hour ago, N4L said:

Would be a terrible hire, if we are being honest

Obviously the guy is a legend, but hes completely off his rocker and lacks any sort of strategic bone in his body

Not only that but the hard nose, in your face, drill sergeant type coaching simply does not work anymore. Players want to be inspired, but also treated as intellectual assets and equals. Not pawns in a game of kings and queens and guillotines. Just don't see this sort of coaching style working well in this day and age. 

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I really hope this isn't true.  If Pace and Nagy have been honest about "building a culture" and staying away from toxic hiring's then this should be the last place to look. 

FWIW, by accounts he is also being looked at by the Chargers, Falcons, and Eagles. 



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