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2020 - TCMD "War Room" New York Giants

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17 hours ago, ny92mike said:

Call to arms.

@Acgott @y*so*blu @Kip Smithers @Gmen @GMENNATION @Shockwave @Giants4eva @Go_Giants @YogiBiz 

If you don't won't to be involved, that's fine just wanted to get the invites out to everyone, which I'm sure I've left off several names.

This mock doesn't really get going until the 1st but teams are already getting their trade blocks up.

A lot of talent floating around, any interest in the following, let me know and either @YogiBiz or myself or if one of you guys want to get involved can inquire more about it?  Players with a contract term length of 1 year can be extended to make the impact of a large cap hit more affordable if needed.  Our front office has put both Barkley and Engram on the block but we will not be actively pursuing a trade for either unless we get an offer we can't refuse.


Mock drafts aren't my thing (so glad I don't have to do Gettleman's job), but I appreciate the invite.¬†ūüėÉ

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54 minutes ago, WideRight said:

Relatively new to the forum, but I'd like to be involved. Also as a curiosity, is there any reason why the Giants forum seems to much less active than many of the other teams?

We don't typically create multiple threads for stuff except game days during the season. We normally just stay in one thread. 

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Alright we've officially got the green light to start posting transactions.

I'll lay out my game plan for the Giants.  Really hoping you guys get involved even if it's just dropping your two cents.


Starting with the short list of what went well for us last season. 

Our defense showed up and I'd even say our special teams looked much improved.

To continue the trend we need to get Leonard Williams back in blue.  To do this under the tcmd rules, my plan is to franchise tag him and give him the extension he deserves.  The extension will reduce his 2021 salary to a more manageable contract and because we have no one under contract after 2023 I'm not real concerned with giving these guys long term deals that are back loaded.

I'm also looking at extending some of our playmakers on defense, why the Giants only signed Blake and James to such short contracts I don't know but I'm fixing that, locking both up long term to be the future of the Giants defense.

We still aren't getting the sacks from our OLB's so finding an edge rusher is a top priority whether that comes from dealing a high draft pick or drafting one with a high pick I'm willing to do whatever we need to within reason to fill that roster spot.  In addition, we have means of creating cap space so the free agency is an option as well, several solid players available but I expect most of the big talent in there to get tagged.

Offense we fix the offensive line issues once and for all, by getting older more experienced players to start either through trade or free agency.  Adding depth to the position with potential talent via draft and later rounds of fa.

Receivers, we really only have one that has been reliable.  Most of these guys would be sitting on another teams bench watching real starters play.  From my understanding this is a solid draft class for receivers, so I'll be looking out for potential.  Nonetheless, I think we need to target a solid starter in free agency or even a potential trade.  

As for draft picks, if I feel like I can get the right talent and the value of the trade is fair, I'm not apposed to trading our higher picks. 

More to follow.




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@YogiBiz Yo man where you at?

First order of business is to June 1st release two players that should have never been signed.

Golden Tate and Nate Solder 

We now have $52,489,733 in available funds.

We also have a trade in the making to acquire Mitchell Schwartz Tackle.


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Put in two trade inquires on Julio Jones and Tyler Boyd in an attempt to get Daniel Jones some talent at receiver.

Not sure what Atlanta is asking for Jones but Cinny has a late first round value on Boyd.

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Latest transactions

Applied the Franchise tag of about 19million on Leonard Williams, immediately following that I extended his contract 7 years, making him the highest paid interior lineman in the league.

In doing so it reduced his tag cap hit of 19 million to 10 million saving the team 9 million, and making him the first player on contract past the 2023 season.

Year Player Name Base Salary Signing Bonus Cap Number
2021 Leonard Williams $1,000,000 $9,000,000 $10,000,000
2022 Leonard Williams $10,000,000 $9,000,000 $19,000,000
2023 Leonard Williams $10,000,000 $9,000,000 $19,000,000
2024 Leonard Williams $11,000,000 $9,000,000 $20,000,000
2025 Leonard Williams $12,000,000 $9,000,000 $21,000,000
2026 Leonard Williams $22,000,000   $22,000,000
2027 Leonard Williams $24,000,000   $24,000,000
  Sum $90,000,000 $45,000,000 $135,000,000
  Avg. $12,857,143 $9,000,000 $19,285,714


In addition to extending Williams, I also extended James Bradberry's current 2 year deal extending it out to 6 years, FA 2027.  This freed up an additional 6 million in cap savings for this current year.

Our salary cap is now $48,279,733.

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Looks like I've lost my co GM so if anyone is interested in helping me out it would be greatly appreciated.

If not no worries...not a lot going on right now aside from trades.  Free agency and the draft don't kick off for at least another week, longer for the draft.

Was hoping to target Allen Robinson in FA but he was tagged, so I'm now negotiating a potential trade to acquire him.

Also have been speaking with the Saints to acquire Ryan Ramczyk - RT after missing out on the Mitchell Schwartz trade, price was just too high for my taste. 

Still hunting for a quality guard. 

May not have any early round draft picks by the time it's over, but if things work out the Giants will have some quality vets playing in positions that hurt us before.

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Really tried to get Julio Jones from Atlanta but it didn't work out, the New England GM gave more than I was willing to trade.

I really feel like Daniel Jones would benefit from a bigger more physical type receiver vs these smaller speedy guys.  So I ultimately pulled the trigger on acquiring Mike Williams from the Chargers for our 3rd round pick 12. Mike Williams was drafted by the Chargers in 2017 - 1st rd. 7th overall.

Still very young at 26 yrs old and has the body type at 6-4 218lbs.

Immediately following I extended his one year contract to a 5 year deal, saving 8 million in the process.  

Giants currently have $47,899,733 in available cap.




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@YogiBiz Accepted a trade with the Steelers that sends Julian Love; in exchange for receiver James Washington, three years removed out of Oklahoma State.  His highlights haven't carried over to the pros, but he is still a very young receiver at 24.  Believe he adds at the very least a quality player to our depth at receiver.  At best, he pushes D. Slayton for the starting job opposite Mike Williams.

I'm giving Daniel Jones every opportunity to become the face of the New York Giants and while taking a quality player from our defense; I believe that James Washington makes our offense better. 

In 2019, saw action in 15 games with 10 starts…recorded career-highs in yards (735) and TDs (3)…led the team in yards per catch (16.7)…recorded the team's longest reception of the season on a 79-yard TD pass from Devlin Hodges against the Bengals on 11/24.

Drafted by the Steelers in the second round (60th overall) of the 2018 NFL Draft.


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Giants general manager continues to boost this offense for Daniel Jones.  Previously the GM focused on the receiver group by adding Mike Williams and James Washington to their lineup.  Yesterday the Giants traded for veteran center Ryan Jensen.

The trade included an exchange of 2nd round picks details of the complete trade below:


Giants trade 

2ND Rnd - Pick 10 | Overall: 42 | New York Giants

Tampa Bay trade

2ND Rnd - Pick 32 | Overall: 64 | Tampa Bay Buccaneers

5TH Rnd - Pick 41 | Overall: 185 | Tampa Bay Buccaneers

6TH Rnd - Pick 40 | Overall: 224 | Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2118 - Ryan Jensen - C


Current available draft picks for the Giants

Draft Selection
1ST Rnd - Pick 11 | Overall: 11 | New York Giants
2ND Rnd - Pick 32 | Overall: 64 | New York Giants
4TH Rnd - Pick 11 | Overall: 115 | New York Giants
5TH Rnd - Pick 41 | Overall: 185 | New York Giants
6TH Rnd - Pick 12 | Overall: 197 | New York Giants
6TH Rnd - Pick 17 | Overall: 202 | New York Giants
6TH Rnd - Pick 40 | Overall: 224 | New York Giants

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