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Seahawks 2021 Draft


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Been digging around the prospects lately, have a few that might be on Seattle's radar. Im a total noob, so these listing are based on some very basic stuff. No tape, I have no clue about technique and all that. 

IOL - Focused on Size, Strength, "Point of Attack", "Good in a phonebooth", " Power - Inside ,"Blue Blood Schools; basically Damien Lewis 2.0

Landon Dickerson - Alabama - 6'6 325 [C]


Extremely strong at the point of attack, he has above average hand power, body strength, and awareness. Although a below-average athlete, he wins with acceleration out of his stance by latching on quickly and not allowing matchups to detach - TDN

Injury history though


Josh Myers - Ohio State - 6'5 312 [C]


Myers is a big-bodied center with a pleasant level of lateral mobility to play along the line of scrimmage, but he lacks the dynamic short-area quickness to consistently win isolated reps climbing to the second level or pulling and working out in front of plays that stretch to the boundary. Myers, with his boxy frame, is best suited to work in the phone booth - TDN


Creed Humphrey - Oklahoma 6'5 316 [C]


While being a limited athlete, he has the smarts of knowing how to use his frame, strength, and football IQ to his advantage. Hardly ever asked to exit outside of his parameters in the A-gaps, he’s quick to mark his territory and isn’t one to waste time jostling back and forth with interior defenders. - TDN


Jackson Carman - Clemson 6'5 345 [IOL]


Carman is a massive and powerful blocker that thrives in the run game and holds his own in pass protection. His power is notable, but he moves well for his size and features strong hand technique that he blends with a strong feel for his role in the scheme that makes him an effective blocker. 

Played LT in college, would kick down to LG in Seattle


Trey Smith - Tennessee 6'6 325 [G]


He brings exceptional power to the table and dominates in a phone booth, but his lack of mobility and flexibility leads to some restrictions. While Smith is a massive and powerful people-mover, his high-hipped frame makes it challenging for him to play with consistent leverage and takes away from his functional strength, which is his best asset. - TDN 


Deonte Brown - Alabama 6'4 338 [G]


Aggressive in the running game, he shows high strength levels and awareness. In Alabama’s downhill run scheme, he’s allowed to stay on track and road grade any target that’s directly in front of him. Easily able to move defenders and dislodging them out of gaps, he’s best suited in a man/power-based blocking scheme. -TDN


Trey Hill - Georgia 6'3 330 [G/C]


In the run game, he is good due to his ability to come off the ball and strike. He has very good inline power and ultimately is very good at the point of attack. He has instances of getting vertical movement in the run game. As a result his run lane anchor is very good. -TDN


Aaron Banks - Notre Dame 6'5 325



Carroll said they need to improve at left guard. Aaron Banks would be a fantastic choice to deliver that improvement.

He’s a monster of a blocker — listed at 6-5 and 330lbs. That’s the kind of size Seattle has coveted on the left side since Mike Solari’s arrival.

For the last two seasons Banks has been playing at a pro-level, dominating up front with a combination of brute force and surprising athleticism. He even filled in at left tackle against Florida State when Liam Eichenberg picked up an injury. The FSU game was a major highlight — on two occasions he slammed defenders to the ground. He constantly plays with that edge. - SeahawksDraftBlog



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Defensive Backs

Focused on : Zone Coverage, Willing Tackler, Size (6' +), Boundary, Loose Hips, [Still need arm measurements & 40 times]

Ifeatu Melifonwu - Syracuse 6'3 205


At the next level, his best fit is as a zone corner where his length, ball skills, ability to read the backfield, and leverage routes shine. He is also an above-average run defender and can be relied upon to make tackles should his 2020 campaign be the norm moving forward. - TDN


Greg Newsome II - Northwestern 6'1 190


Newsome II is instinctual and offers suddenness in split decisions in coverage; frequently driving to the target and attacking the football in the air. He brings the right kind of attitude to perimeter play both in collision routes and in run support and tackling at the line of scrimmage - TDN


Paulson Adebo - Stanford 6'1 190


He plays the position with very good athleticism, as evidenced by his hips and his overall agility while in coverage. He is a loose athlete with the hip flexibility to open and run upfield. He demonstrates good agility in off coverage to close separation at the top of the route. He plays with the instincts and football IQ necessary to thrive in zone situations. - TDN


Israel Mukuamu - South Carolina 6'3 205


Long and rangy. Plays a physical brand of football in every regard. Excellent run defender and tackler. Does well to use his length to keep separation from blockers, disengage and finish. Aggressive tackler that rarely whiffs. Length shows up when tackling and he frequently finished outside of his frame. Plays to his size in coverage with a willingness to crowd receivers and get his hands on them. Ball skills when driving forward appear natural. Ultra competitive in everything he does on the field. - TDN


Ambry Thomas - Michigan 6'0 182


he's most effective when aligned on the line of scrimmage and tasked with playing press coverage — has great success with reroutes and shows good functional strength here to get into the frame of receivers before transitioning into the trail position to carry routes. Compliments his press presence with shallow zone awareness and a good ability to redirect and attack the flats against bunch formations or leaked backs out of the backfield when playing C2 zone. I thought he was a combative tackler and plays with enthusiasm in head up situations - TDN

He’s adept at press coverage and despite not having massive size (6-0, 182lbs) he’s certainly capable of playing a really competitive brand of football, mixing it up with receivers to reroute and challenge at the snap.

The Seahawks have always liked corners who can tackle and he does that very well. He gets involved and isn’t afraid to get stuck in. He produced three interceptions in 13 games in 2019 and has special teams value as a returner — scoring a 99-yard touchdown against Notre Dame in 2018.

Athletically he has major upside. At SPARQ he ran a 4.43 and a sensational 3.90 three cone. His vertical jump of 36 inches is also impressive. - Seahawks Draft Blog


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Offensive line and secondary should be huge priorities, but how do you guys feel about drafting a high quality pass catching TE? If you look around the league at certain teams, TE's play a huge role in their passing game. It would also help Wilson a ton to have a quality TE.  Kind of seems like towards the end of the season, teams started to "figure out" the Seahawks. You saw Metcalf have much less impact on games, and it kind of seems like there's not enough weapons in the passing game even though they have Metcalf and Lockett as high quality players.

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12 minutes ago, showtime said:

Offensive line and secondary should be huge priorities, but how do you guys feel about drafting a high quality pass catching TE? If you look around the league at certain teams, TE's play a huge role in their passing game. It would also help Wilson a ton to have a quality TE.  Kind of seems like towards the end of the season, teams started to "figure out" the Seahawks. You saw Metcalf have much less impact on games, and it kind of seems like there's not enough weapons in the passing game even though they have Metcalf and Lockett as high quality players.

I think that was the plan in drafting Parkinson. He will get a full offseason under is belt in 2021, and probably ends up replacing Hollister's snaps. Him and Dissly could be a decent pair. Stephen Sullivan could get a chance to carve out a role too as a stretch/move TE. 

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Just some names that popped out in the Senior Bowl based on measurements

OL Aaron Banks, Notre Dame  [Hey big boi]
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 338
Wing: 82”
Arm: 33 1/8”
Hand: 10 1/8”

OL Ben Cleveland, Georgia [How you doin']
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 354
Wing: 79 1/8”
Arm: 33”
Hand: 9 3/4”

OL Jake Curhan, Cal [T H I C C ]
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 323
Wing: 83 1/2”
Arm: 33”
Hand: 10 1/4”

OL Trey Smith, Tennessee [T H I C C E R ]
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 331
Wing: 83 1/8”
Arm: 33 3/4”
Hand: 10”

DL Ta’Quon Graham, Texas [Tweener 5T / 3T]
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 290
Wing: 85 1/8”
Arm: 34 7/8”
Hand: 10 5/8”

DL Osa Odighizuwa, UCLA [5T]
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 280
Wing: 84”
Arm: 34 1/8”
Hand: 10 3/4”

DL Rashard Weaver, Pittsburgh [LEO]
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 265
Wing: 82 7/8”
Arm: 33 1/4”
Hand: 9 6/8”

LB Derrick Barnes, Purdue [Need to see Agility #]
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 245
Wing: 81 5/8”
Arm: 33”
Hand: 8 6/8”

LB Janarius Robinson, Florida State [LEO; Vince McMahon WOOOW face]
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 266
Wing: 87”
Arm: 35 3/4”
Hand: 11”

CB DJ Daniel, Georgia [Pterodactyl amoung T-Rex's]
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 183
Wing: 81”
Arm: 33”
Hand: 9 1/8”

S Divine Deablo, Virginia Tech [We sure thats not Kam]
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 226
Wing: 79 1/8”
Arm: 32 3/4”
Hand: 9 1/2”

S Damar Hamlin, Pittsburgh
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 201
Wing: 77 1/2”
Arm: 32”
Hand: 9 1/8”

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Been watching the Senior Bowl; Couple of guys been looking at that Seattle could look at

At WR Nico Collins and Tylan Wallace have stood out. 

Demetric Felton has some JD McKissic vibes.

Larry Rountree and Rhamondre Stevenson are probably the most "Seattle" RBs here.

Really focusing on G Deonte Brown, Trey Smith and Aaron Banks. D Brown I think looks the best so far. 

OL Robert Hainsey has lined up at T,G and C. Positional flexibility is something Solari seems to like. 

Osa Odighizuna could fit in with Collier-Green as a 5T-3T hybrid. RaQuon Graham is another IDL guy I keep noticing. 

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Some more guys that could be on Seattle's radar from the Senior Bowl.

CB Benjamin St-Juste Minnesota : Tall and Long (6'3 200 32 Arms). Probably going to come down to pro day speed and agility stuff

The Texas A&M duo of Dan Moore [6'5 309 33 arms] and Carson Green [6'6 319 34 arms] have been lining up all over the OL; including C.

Carlos Basham Jr Wake Forest DE : Explosive, lined up all over the DL.

TE Tre McKitty (6'4 247 32 11 HANDS!) could replace Stephens. 

WR Frank Darby ASU just kept reminding me of David Moore. Lighter, but longer arms. 


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I think Seattle's goal in this draft is to find cheap contributors. Right now they only have 4 picks, ideally they should shot for 6-8. Teams might be willing to dump later picks to move up to take a crack at more preem prospects in a limited draft pool. Seattle doesnt need day 1 starters, and therefore, could take on picks to help fill out the roster and depth charts. Possibly take guys with the mindset of them competing for spots in 2022.

2.56 TRADE + 4.168 => Tampa Bay for 2.64 + 3.95

2.64 TRADE => Cincinnati for 3.69 + 5.150 + 7.233

3.69 RB Javonte Williams, North Carolina

3.95 G Ben Cleveland, Georgia

4.129 CB Paulson Adebo, Stanford

5.150 WR Whoop Philyor, Indiana

6.209 DT TaQuan Graham, Texas

7.233 TE Matt Bushman, BYU


Williams is a prototype Seahawks runningback; 5'10 220 Cowbell type. Tough runner, attacking style, saavy runner. Allows Penny to continue as a COP back, and Homer and Dallas can compete for the 3DRB. [Will go higher]

Ben Cleveland is a long, strong big boy and moves people in the running game. Would compete with Simmons and Haynes at RG day 1.

The shine has worn on Adebo, but he does fit Seattles systems still. Fluid DB, with good instincts to play in a zone scheme. Has the length too. [Will go higher]

Whoop is a track guy, that offers alot of excitement down the field and underneath. Would have a good shot to replace David Moore's snaps and compete with Freddie Swain.

TaQuan is long (34 arms, 10 5/8) and has alot of experience. Could carve a niche as a rotational 3T, competing with Green and Collier for snaps there. 

Bushman could be a solid inside TE2. Could be a good rotational piece as a block first TE and compliments Parkinson well.  


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Gonna go another mock.

Think Seattle should focus on collecting 4th-6th round picks to help fill out depth. Even if Seattle doesnt bring back some of their key FA (Griffin, Wright, Carson) I still dont believe there are that many major holes on the team. In fact, Seattle might be more inclined to address need through cut FA vets than through this years draft. Meaning, Seattle will have more flexibility with adding rotational players, and lottery tickets. 

Using PFN Mock Draft Sim for this one; TLDR

3.71 Walker Little OT Stanford

3.95 Joe Tryon EDGE Washington

4.114 Ben Cleveland OG Georgia

5.159 Milton Williams DL Louisana Tech

5.178 Tre McKitty TE Georgia

6.209 KJ Britt LB Auburn

7.257 Tarron Jackson EDGE Coastal Carolina


Pick 2.56 - TRADE + 6.168 for 2.64 & 3.95 & 7.256

There are some interesting players here. DL Alim McNeill is a really awesome looking player that could play 3T and 1T. Daviyon Nixon is another disruptive 3Tech that could be a eventually replacements for Reed. RB Javonte Williams is a pure Seattle Runningback. WR Rondale Moore would be a flashy new weapon for Russ to utilize. CB Greg Newsome would thrive in Seattle's zone. But Im going to stick with my plan here and add more capital. 

Drop a few spots to gain a crack at a top 100 prospect. 


Pick 2.64 TRADE for 3.71 & 4.114

Nixon and WIlliams still here. Very intriguing. DL Rashad Weaver would be a nice piece to add to the DL. Very disruptive, but not really a true EDGE or interior player. C Josh Meyers could be a plug and play at C. LB Jabril Cox could be a potential replacement for KJ Wright, pushing Barton for snaps at OLB. But there is still quite a bit of talent on the board, so Im going to take a trade down to pick up another mid round pick. 


3.71 OT Walker Little Stanford

By all accounts, Walker is 1st Round talent at a premium position. There are big concerns here though, as he hasnt played much snaps since 2018. Injured for most of 2019, opted out in 2020. BUT, when will Seattle get a crack at this level of prospect? Brown and Shell are both FA after 2021. Walker can push for snaps at RT and be a nice insurance policy for Duane. 

TE Brevin Jordan has potential to be a dynamic downfield threat. WR Amari Rodgers could help replace David Moore's snaps, and would be a solid weapon for Russ. WR Tylan Wallace could be a dynamic player from the outside, opposite DK. DT Tommy Togiai could be a solid add to help out Reed-Ford-Mone. OL Jackson Carman is a big strong people mover, that would probably kick inside and have potential to be a really great guard. OT's Spencer Brown and D'Ante Smith are two awesome looking players. But Seattle doesn't dip into non-p5 players often. 


3.95 EDGE Joe Tryon Washington

Now, highly doubt Tryon falls here, but Im going to take advantage of PFN low rating for him. Twitchy, strong, super athletic, he fits exactly what Seattle wants from a LEO. Yes, Seattle took Darrell Taylor last year, but who knows what his knee situation is. AND you can never have too many edge rushers. What would prevent Taylor and Tryon being on the field together anyway? Tryon-Taylor-Robinson would be a FANTASTIC rotation to throw at OL for 4 quarters. 

QB Davis Mills would be an interesting backup. BUT short on capital here, could not justify taking him. TE Kenny Yeboah is another dynamic player in the passing game. S Andre Sisco is a playmaker, but Seattle is pretty set at S with Adams, Diggs, Amadi, Blair, and Neal. Very sad I missed on WR Dyami Brown by 1 pick. Dude is a terror downfield, and would immediately be HUGE weapon for Russ.


4.114 OG Ben Cleveland Georgia

Ben is a MAULER. He can EAT along the DL. Now, with Shane Waldren's more zone scheme coming in, it will be interesting to see if Seattle's profile at OL changes as well. Going with old reliable here, and taking Ben. Seattle wants to run, and with him and D Lewis on the other side, they can have the tools necessary. 

WR Marquez Stevenson caught everything in the Senior Bowl. WR Tutu Atwell is a serious weapon out of the slot. OG Aaron Banks would fit nicely at LG. DT Osa Odighizuwa is a very active, strong penetrator at DL. Little undersized for what Seattle likes there. 


4.129 TRADE for 5.159 & 5.178

Without a 5th round pick, I decided to give up some value, to gain another pick. Tough pill to swallow with some interesting players on the board. 

Talent dried up pretty quick. Had my eye on CB Paulson Adebo, Ben St-Jude, S Richard LeCounte, and LB Jamin Davis. Adebo & St-Jude probably go higher than the 5th round, as both fit Seattles profile on the outside. LeCounte is a athlete with Single High potential. Built similarly to Diggs. Jamin is lighter than Seattle likes at LB, but has the frame to fill out and be a playmaker. 


5.159 DL Milton Williams Louisiana Tech

Could be a fast riser going into the draft. From SeahawksDraftBlog "Excellent athlete, great quickness working off the edge or kicking inside. Very disruptive. Has a lot of potential." Green and Collier both graded better playing at the 3T. Having three inside outside guys could be a boon. 

WR Dazz Newsome is a interesting slot player. OL Robert Hainsey has 3 spot potential; played all three at the Senior Bowl. OL Jaylon Moore is a potential mauler that could kick inside to G. WR Frank Darby just looks like a David Moore clone. 


5.178 TE Tre McKitty Georgia

Its no secret anymore that John Schneider has a TE fetish. McKitty was never used at Georgia, but wow'd at the Senior Bowl. 11 inch hands, great short shuttle (which Seattle LOVES). Could develop into a nice player for Seattle. With Waldrens system, Seattle could end up utilizing the TE's more. 

WR's Cornell Powell and Josh Palmer could be nice adds. Palmer more of a field stretcher, Powell underneath chain mover. S Damar Hamlin has two spot potential, and played well in the Senior Bowl. 


6.209 LB KJ Britt Auburn

KJ is a fan favorite. Coaches joy, core special teamer. BALLED out in the Senior Bowl. Pretty much every  mock has their team drafting him. Probably goes a few rounds higher than the 6th. 


7.257 Tarron Jackson Coastal Carolina

Developmental EDGE player with some intriguing abilities. 









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On 1/21/2021 at 1:07 PM, showtime said:

Offensive line and secondary should be huge priorities, but how do you guys feel about drafting a high quality pass catching TE? If you look around the league at certain teams, TE's play a huge role in their passing game. It would also help Wilson a ton to have a quality TE.  Kind of seems like towards the end of the season, teams started to "figure out" the Seahawks. You saw Metcalf have much less impact on games, and it kind of seems like there's not enough weapons in the passing game even though they have Metcalf and Lockett as high quality players.

I'm hoping we have the financial flexibility to add a free agent to this position group. Rookie TEs are notoriously unproductive so you're likely just going to get another Colby Parkinson if you choose to move here. I'd rather us look at someone like Jonnu Smith, Kyle Rudolph, or Gerald Everett.

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Recently had a daughter so I am super behind on all things draft prep related. I can tell you that I love me some Deonte Brown. Would be surprised to see a guy like him or Javonte Williams available to us in this draft. 

I'll have to start doing my homework, I can really only speak on the top prospects from each position as of right now. 

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