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Mock Draft ; 4/16 [PFF Sim]

Two weeks out from the draft, time for another crack at a mock for Seattle.

2.56 => TRADE Jets for 3.66 & 4.107

3.66 Brady Christensen OL BYU

4.107 => TRADE Houston for 4.109 & 6.212

4.109 => TRADE Giants for 4.116 & 6.196

4.116 Bobby Brown III DL Texas A&M

4.129 => TRADE WFT for 2022 3rd & 5.163 & 7.244

5.163 D'Ante Smith OL East Carolina

5.196 Buddy Johnson LB Texas A&M

6.212 Jason Pinnock CB Pittsburgh

7.244 Jalen Camp WR Georgia Tech

7.250 Sadarius Hutcherson G South Carolina


OL Brady Christensen - 2021 Competes at C & G, Swing T

Brady tested as one of the most explosive OL not just in 2021, but ever. Broad, Vert, SS and Bench all exceeded Seattle's benchmarks. Only knock on Brady is the 32 arms and 302 weight. The arms mean he profiles to the interior. Right now, BC would have a inside edge in the competition at center with Pocic and Fuller. Has the athleticism and explosion to see snaps at Swing T as well. 


DL Bobby Brown III - 2021 Rotational depth at 1 TECH

33 inch vert at 321 lbs tells you everything you need to know about BB. EXPLOSIVE. 35 inch arms too. Could be a nice counterpart to Poona up the middle. Would imediately compete with Woods, Mone and Lattimore for snaps. Ultimately, what Seattle does here in the draft will let you know what their long term plan is with LJ Collier. Alot of chatter about him moving inside full time. 


OT D'ante Smith - 2021 Depth at T; 2022 RT prospect

Smith had a fantastic Senior Bowl, and with 35 inch arms, profiles as a OT in the NFL. Probably needs a year in the NFL weight room (305 24 reps) but has the athleticism and length to compete at T. Could compete with Jamarco and Cedric O on the depth chart at tackle. Would be set up for potentially a bigger role in 2022. 


LB Buddy Johnson - 2021 ST, LB Depth

Buddy had a fantastic pro day, and is a fast riser as the draft draws nearer. 


CB Jason Pinnock - 2021 ST, Developmental boundary CB

Jason is one of the few CB's that check all the testing boxes Seattle has for boundary CBs. 32+ Arms, 4.4 40, 39.5 Vert, good SS and 3 Cone. Tape is a mess. Can Pete the DB whisperer clean up the technique? 


WR Jalen Camp - 2021 Developmental Outside WR

Tested really well, great traits (6'1 220, 10.5 Broad, 4.4 40, 4.14 SS, 7 3C). Was underutilized at GT. Would have to make an impact on ST to make the team. BUT Seattle's WR depth beyond DK and Lockett is wide open. Only Freddie Swain has any sort of inside track to making the team.


G Sadarius Hutcherson - 2021 OL Depth

35 Bench Reps, 31.5 Vert, tested really well. At 6'3 320 has the size to play the big guard Seattle likes. Would have a shot at competing with Simmons and Haynes (& Christensen) for spots on the IOL Depth Chart. 

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I can see us targeting a cornerback after a trade down. It would be nice to draft an heir apparent at left tackle, but that’s a bigger crap shoot at the point we are picking IMO. 

my guess is that we move down, at least once before selecting though. If anything we need to fill out the roster with some young blood in back up roles as well.  My guess is that we will have several UDFA players at key backup roles. 

if it is a cornerback, who would you guy suggest? 

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