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2021 KC Chiefs Roster Analysis - The Offensive Line


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An Overview:

I don't really know what to say about this unit other that I'm not really happy. Their performance was so up-and-down over the year, the line-ups were so different that it is hard to judge the unit as a whole. However, the inconsistency as such was frustrating. One week you thought they really got their act together only to see them blown out the next. The week after you have different personnel on the field and the whole thing starts from the beginning.

That said: With Fisher and Schwartz at OT the unit seemed to have the bookends. Once Schwartz dropped out the whole idea collapsed. The interior was a "Mischpoke" (German speakers may understand) of something. But whatever the line-up: I didn't see reliable pass protection or run blocking. Mahomes being Mahomes made something out of it, and the run game greatly benefitted from the presence of jet sweep threats like Hill or Hardman.

This unit definitely needs some attention and stability to improve. At the same time Fisher and Schwartz are getting up in age and have high cap hits. Something to keep in mind.

The Players:

Fisher or Schwartz. I'd like to keep them both but I think it's capwise a huge stretch. With Schwartz and his back issue - I'd go for keeping Fisher for now. While not the most dominating guy and having his ups and downs, he's athletic and gets the job done more often than not. Niang MAY be able to step in as RT, but still is an unknown. Rankin blew a huge chance to make a name in week 17. Not necessary someone I'd trust to take over starting duties.

I really like what Allegretti did this year. I consider him the guy who claimed the RG spot for now. Guess he's only getting better with another year under his belt. Them same can be said of Durant. I liked him at OG in limited action in week 17. LDT - I'm not sure what he will look like returning from his hiatus. I don't want to build on him right now.

Reiter and Wylie - I don't really like both of them. At RG I'd likem to have a road grader and Wylie does not have the power. Reiter seems overmatched way to often. Those two side-by-side seem to be THE weak point of the line. May be replacing one of them would be enough to stabilize the situation.

Remmers is the Swiss Army knife of this line. Noone to write home about, but immediately available at any position if need be getting the job done sufficiently well to find work-arounds through playcalling and Mahomes' greatness.

Witzman, Wisniewski, Kilgore came in as stopgaps and depth. It's telling they agreed to sign to the PS under Covid-19 rules. Not sure how much they got paid, but I think vet min. As it is not clear right now whether the Covid-19 PS rules will apply to the next season their position is a bit in limbo. Kilgore and Wisniewski showed they can step in immediately, thus I'd like them back (especially Wisniewski).

Nearly forgot about Osemele. Came in on a one-year deal, stepped in and played pretty good. We'll have to see how he recovers from injury. Definitely someone to consider to bring back on a similar contract if healthy.

Wanogho (already signed), Darryl Williams and Omameh (both on the PS, likely re-signings) are unknowns to me.

The Outlook:

A complete OL overhaul is not an option. But in spite of all the deficiencies the Chiefs do have some building blocks on the roster. However, for the better part of the unit it is keeping the fingers crossed it will work out. Thus, additional bodies will be needed. Foremost the heir apparent for Fisher is not on the roster ... unless Niang shows up big. So this definitely is a position to look at in the draft.

Inside. Well. LDT returns but what does he have left? Reiter and Wylie. I don't really like them but are the Chiefs in a position to replace them both? I don't think so. The old guys like Witzmann, Kilgore and Wisniewski obviously didn't show enough to replace them, so the chance to find a free agent budget option here is limited. If Durant takes over at RG that would help. Minimizing risk, with LDT, Wylie and Durant you have three options there, thus, after LT, OC would be my focus to look at during FA and the draft ... unless the team settles to continue with Reiter as the #1 at a reasonable price.

My take:

One of the OT has to go for cap reasons. Extend the other for something like two years. My preference is clear: Fisher. Other than that keep the guys under contract. Reiter, Wylie, Remmers: It's all the money. Wylie I'm good with a original (UDFA) RFA tender. If someone else wants him ... let's see if the team matches. Remmers on minimum ... he's a valuable plug & play guy all over the line. Reiter .. I'm torn because there are no real options behind him. Choosing between him and Wylie I'll go for the latter right now, especially as I think Wylie might be cheaper to keep. Nevertheless, Reiter may end up with the team again (for my liking) overpaid.

At OG there should be some good competition without a predetermined outcome.

Draft consideration: First priority: Bring in an OT with starting potential to find a mid-term Fisher replacement (in competition with Niang), even if he is raw and needs a year or two. Next on the bucket list: OC. One day 1 or 2 pick on OT, one later pick on C.


Update after Fisher's achilles tear:

Fisher's injury changes the considerations quite a bit. I still see the need to let one OT go for cap relief - and in this case it can only be Schwartz. As of now Fisher will be on the roster and the payroll but not available for 2021. Extend him now? I'm not sure, even if an extention could provide more cap relief.
This situation increases the need to get one OT during the draft - but this is hit'n'miss at least for year one. Viable depth options need to be developed. Thus I'd definitely keep Wylie on a RFA tender and Remmers on a budget deal if viable. He didn't look too shabby at RT during the divisional play-off game against the Bills. Wouldn't rule out the Chiefs bring in another veteran OT, however, with limited cap space there won't be that many good options (unless they severely cut slack elsewhere).


Positional roster (updated):

LT: draft pick, Remmers
LG: Allegretti, Osemele, Wisniewski
OC: Kilgore, draft pick
RG: Wylie, LDT, Durant
RT: Niang, Wylie, Rankin

(bold: on 2021 roster, normal: expiring contract, italics: addition)



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Do not assume we can fill any starting position with a draft pick. The coaching staff is wired against it.

  • Fisher and Schwartz are under contract for 2021. Unless Fisher is medically ruled out, they are the starting OTs for another year.
  • Rankin is still limited but able to play. He did ST snaps in both playoff games. Lingering injuries are a pain, but they do get better eventually. He's only 26.
  • Allegretti is doing well now, but this time last year he looked like a complete bust. This says things about Durant and Darryl Williams. Does it say anything about Niang?
  • The official depth chart has Allegretti at RG, though he has played more at LG.
  • LDT had a year to get out of shape and four months to correct that.
  • Did you know that Wisniewski is the same age as Kelce? Fisher is younger.
  • We signed Prince Tega Wagogho to a reserve futures contract and re-signed Darryl Williams to PS. The Chiefs are stockpiling OL FA. 
  • Both our C have expiring contracts. Kilgore is 33 and Reiter is not a cheap re-sign.



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If we wind up with Davis, I will be disappointed. As Mayan said, less than impressed.

I like Eichenberg. NFL ready is not a plus IMO. I would rather go for someone like Mayfield who has significant growth potential. The Senior Bowl and Combine mean that OT rankings will change significantly in the next few weeks, so let's not get too excited.

Radunz had his moment of fame and seems to be fading. Looks like mid-to-late 2nd round at this point. A small school prospect who drew a lot of attention in Mobile is Quinn Meinerz from Wisconsin-Whitewater. Great physical tools and not overwhelmed in fast company. What makes him interesting is taht he may be able to play C at this level.



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We'll see. The 1st round tends to focus on immediate need. That moves Eichenberg up and Mayfield down. The second day, not so much.

Right now, Mayfield seems to be mid-20s and I expect him to drift back as QB and/or perimeter players pass him. If he's late 20s, he's worth a serious look. It's worth paying attention to Darrishaw. It's such a deep class, he won't be better than #3 OT and that's if you count Vera-Tucker as IOL. some team will have to choose between Darrishaw and Mayfield. we can hope to get the other.

All that said, I like the options likely to be available at #64. The third tier talent is deep--Radunz, Leatherwood, Cosmi, Spencer, Carman, Jenkins, maybe Little. 


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I have been digging into Prince Tega Wanogho (PTW). Some called him the steal of the draft when he went in round #6. He has a nice back story, arriving in USA with about $20. He hoped to get a basketball scholarship. It turned into SEC football. TDN had him in their top 10 OT, hence the pick in 6th round being a steal. Here is the summary of one of TDN's analysts:

Tega Wanogho is a toolsy prospect that is still new to playing football and that becomes apparent when studying his tape. While he has an ideal frame to develop, long arms and excellent functional athleticism, his technique and application of his physical gifts are very much a work in progress. Tega Wanogho has an exciting ceiling to reach should he develop and his tools make him an intriguing option. With that said, patience could be required and he profiles more as an eventual starter at tackler, ideally in a zone blocking run scheme. 

The Eagles drafted him, then released him at the end of the regular season. We picked him up for PS, then moved him to a reserve/futures contract after a week. He seems more of an OT than LDT, but similar issues apply.


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13 minutes ago, onejayhawk said:

My take  .. not too many .. at least not in starting capacity,

I think they like Remmers for his versatility ... so he might be back on a vet min contract. You can*t get that any cheaper.
Allegretti will be back, no matter what. Role to be defined.
Reiter I don't like. Not only this season but before. But don' ask me why.
Wisniewski was a stop gap. Not worth to talk about him even if the Chiefs already re-signed  him for 2021.
Wylie I never liked. I really thought he may be better at tackle  .. well .. if they need a backup  .. be my guest.

Add LDT at RG, Niang ... Schwartz I consider a cap casualty. Fisher may be on the roster but not ready to play.

Thus  ...

??? : Allegretti ; ??? ; LDT(?) ; Niang

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Niang, Allegretti, and LDT are givens. That's not a bad place to start.

I think they like Reiter more than most posters here do. Remmers would be adequate at RT. After that, it's a crap shoot. Schwartz is under contract and some thought that he could play in the Super Bowl. I think he does the last year on his contract. 

In a broader sense, the FO is looking to retool the whole team. A lot of contracts are expiring.


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