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Texans interviewed backup QB McCown for HC Position

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To me this just makes me think there's no good options for Texans. Like really how is this a good idea. McCown is smart and probably at some point if not hired will be a head coach. But really get some experience if you want to keep Watson why try a new experiment and waste away years for a chance it is successful.

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I mean...maybe? But like...Jesus, and I thought we had it bad with Jerry.

@ET80 if you're ever in Galveston and want to drown your sorrows together let me know. 

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I actually had to read the title a few times to be sure I was reading it right. 

To be fair, McCown has been known to help teach younger QBs. He (tried) to help Cutler and Wentz and if IIRC Cleveland brought him to help develop Manziel. 

That said, you don't hire a guy who has never coached before to be a head coach. That sounds like all kinds of disaster waiting to happen. I could understand maybe as QB coach or asst.

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