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Valuable playoff experience for our young guns. Davis, White, SMB, Dean, Winfield, Whitehead, and Vea. Vea is the old head in the group at 26!

They now know what it takes to prepare and win. In 03 our defensive stars were at the end of their prime.

We have a β€œchampionship defense” but none of it goes without JPP & Shaq. Pass rush pass rush pass rush, hope we grab a guy at 32 they can mold.

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1 hour ago, ravishingone said:

This makes me so happy that Cam is still in the denial phase.Β Β 

Guy got dominated by a rookie and his cop out was Brady gets the ball out too fast. While true, the film does not lie Wirfs was dominating him snap in and snap out. 0 accountability on not playing well is a loser mentality cant wait to hang 40 on their ***** next year

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41 minutes ago, ravishingone said:

A really well done season review with media commentary along the way and a few surprises.Β  My favorite surprise, vintage Michigan Tom Brady playing in the Orange Bowl.Β  And yes, Steve Smith is in there.Β  STOOGE!!!!

******* loved every second of it. What an emotional rollercoaster seeing it all again.

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