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Can Brady Prevent another dynasty?

King Joffrey

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I feel like this Chiefs team is on the come up the same way we've seen other teams go for their 2nd titles.  At the time, it seemed certain it would happen.  But it never did.


Greatest Show on Turf going into SB 36 were all but guaranteed to win and be on the cusp of being the next dynasty.   Brady didn't play a great game imo but he did have a clutch drive at the end.


LOB Seahawks shelled Peyton and were on the doorstep of going back to back and being the next dynasty in the making.  Didn't happen.  Brady played well but obviously it was the Butler play that stopped history.


Now it's the Reid/Mahomes Chiefs.   To me, they are better than the Rams/Seahawks and I am certain they will win more titles, even if they lose the SB.... But it is interesting that the last 3 potential dynasties all were grounded to teams Brady played on.  Not trying to give him all the credit for the wins, because the defense was just as key. 

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Well, the Chiefs still have a chance at a Dynasty even if the Bucs win this Super Bowl. A Dynasty to me is 3 Championships in 4 years, or what I call a “Loose Dynasty” which is 3 Championships in 5 years such as the 2014-2018 Patriots, and 2010-2014 San Francisco Giants. 

However, if the Bucs do win this Super Bowl, Tom Brady will have already prevented a Chief Dynasty with the 2018 AFC Championship win and this possible Super Bowl win. Without Brady, that’d be three Super Bowl Champions in a row for the Chiefs, as I don’t have much doubt that the Chiefs would of defeated the 2018 Rams and 2020 Packers. 

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