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Steelers showing interest in N.Harris...


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I wouldn’t love it, but I wouldn’t hate it. At least he’s a really talented back. Maybe the best in the class. The O-line class is deep. We could get a very talented OT and IOL in the 2nd and 3rd respectively. I think Landon Dickerson will be available later than expected. He’s a walking injury.

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1 hour ago, jebrick said:

He does not map with what Tomlin looks for in a 1st round pick( age 23).

Neither did trading a 1st for a S...it depends on how much they really like him.

But you are correct it’s not their usual M.O.

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If they want to target a RB, trading back would be a great way of gaining value.  Taking him at 24 would be such an over pick (IMHO)


Travis Etienne is more of the type that Tomlin likes for his 1st round pick.

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If they take a RB in the first round, the front office deserves all the hate it will get.    There are no top end talents in this draft at RB and our OLine is trash at run blocking.

You dont take RB in the first round unless youre talking about a special player or youre a team with not many needs....IMO anyway.   RB is a position way too reliant on other factors to be successful, so I see no need to take one early unless its a truly special player.

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