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2021 GB Roster & Free Agents


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44 minutes ago, packfanfb said:

Rodgers' cap number is officially the highest in the NFL at about $37.2 million. There's no way the Packers can go forward without restructuring him, and if they do, it means he's 100% being traded after this season because the only logical explanation for not using Rodgers as the ATM to sign some additional players and lower his cap number is because the Packers don't want to have more dead money on the books when they trade him next off-season. 

I mean if Rodgers wants to win a SB he’ll restructure. Plain and simple. 

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Just now, Packerraymond said:

I believe he'll have dead cap even after his 4 year deal expires. 

I would assume it operates under the same concept if he were to get released that the signing bonus accelerates.  Not sure how it operates if the contract naturally expires though.

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1 hour ago, packfanfb said:

I think Rodgers will gladly restructure. If he doesn't, it's because the Packers chose not to do it. 

Yep.  That’s what I’m watching, do they still keep the easier out in 1-2 seasons with Rodgers’ contract?  It seems like they’re moving everything else around in order to keep the emergency exit open. 12’s camp could be asking for more than Gute is willing to move and so he’s just keeping everything on the table. Of course, there’s still time for moves to be made.

That huge contract getting restructured could give us some decent chips to use in this unusual FA season. I know everyone has said Aaron will be the  QB for a long time but I’ll watch where the money moves to see what’s really going on. 

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