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2021 GB Roster & Free Agents

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Probably "up to" $6 million, at least I hope. I mean, we knew this was inevitable. Better than simply losing him and doing nothing except drafting a CB or two. At least King knows the team, and has his moments. 

The biggest question for King is health. He was healthy in 2019 and played well. The other 3 years, he's either missed time or played through injury. This was the case in 2020 and likely contributed to his regression. 

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2 minutes ago, deltarich87 said:

King on a 1yr deal is fine. Won't stop GB from addressing CB in the draft one bit either. Can never have enough CB's

Frankly, CB should still be the target in Round 1 assuming the board is there. This changes nothing. 

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On 3/21/2021 at 6:54 PM, Packerraymond said:

? Plug a new CB in there and kick Sully to the slot and that's the exact same defense as last year where we wanted our DC fired after finishing #10 because we had the potential to be so much more.

Packers were in the 15-20th range

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Just now, FinneasGage said:

you and every sensible human being alive 

Me too, but this move was just so obvious. It's Packers all the way. Every day King sat out there, it became more likely he was coming back. 

Again, we can at least hope for 2019 Kevin King. With 2019 Kevin King, the Packers WIN the Super Bowl last season. 

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Just now, Packerraymond said:

I see we're back to overreacting about Pettine hanging him out to dry against a guy who ran in the 4.3s.

why are we acting like it was one play guys are overreacting to? 

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