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Texans hire David Culley as HC, Tim Kelly as OC, Lovie Smith as DC

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14 minutes ago, Broncofan said:

I think Nagy's spectacular failure after a hot 1st year might have ppl wondering how much OC's really do under Reid.  I don't buy it - but keep in mind Pederson called plays the last year he was in KC.   Nagy didn't.   Pederson's on the hot seat, but no one can deny his great initial run.   Nagy got a positive shine from Pederson's success.   Now Pederson's recent struggles and Nagy's absymal last 2 years in CHI, the pendulum may have swung to doubting if OC's do that much under Reid.

I think EB will thrive, but the above kinda makes sense to me.   I think he'll prove doubters wrong eventually, when he gets the chance.  He & Daboll should get theirs next year, provided they don't regress massively (seems unlikely in both cases).

Yeah but Nagy has still gotten his team to the playoffs each year with Trubisky as his QB. Even Pederson was a perennial playoff guy with a ring until this season and things went off the rails. These guys were successful, much more than the guys they replaced. 

but all these organizations have been ran terribly so it’s not surprising that the coaching hires overall seem terrible(aside from Jacksonville/NY) Sirianni/Culley seem like guys who will accept the status quo, whatever that may be according to ownership. Lions guy seems like a total Mike Singletary intensity cliched kinda coach. Arthur Smith seems bland but should do good work with Ryan. Don’t know much about Staley but he seems like a bright young mind and had a good press conference.

Just odd to me that a guy like Josh McCown gets an interview but Deion Sanders has to coach out in Jacksonville State for an opportunity. Very odd.  

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3 hours ago, 49erurtaza said:

Weird hire, passing game for the ravens have not been good. He was also chiefs WR coach when they had no WR with any TD that year. Idk if ether really matter.


Watson run!


3 hours ago, TitanLegend said:

You hire this guy for CEO style head coaching, not because he really specializes in anything.

Similar to what the Ravnes have done with Harbuagh, Titans with Vrabel, what Lions seem to be doing with Campbell, etc.

Even if his a CEO type style head coach you still like to see some success at his former positions which he seem to miss on. Just seems strange hire but such a Cal McNair move. Guess watson is packing his bag now. 

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3 hours ago, TecmoSuperJoe said:

2021 1st rounder

2022 1st rounder

2023 1st rounder

Jimmy Garoppolo

Nick Bosa

Give us Watson.

Take out bosa with the way texans are being run it won't even be that many 1st rounders  much like Hopkins trade was . Do we have any upstanding citizens who are cristians that we don't want that might interest them.

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4 hours ago, ET80 said:

Cal is hitting a hard reset on the franchise. Starting with the fans.

straight out of the Dean Spanos playbook


everyone who is upset bienemy didnt get the job doesnt realize he probably turned them down. Good for him for not taking the worst job possible, but also, I dont want to hear anyone complaining about him not getting hired. Its going to happen eventually if he is worthy. 25% of the league looks for a new coach every year, someone will give him a shot soon.. 


4 hours ago, EaglesPeteC said:

K but......

The Daily Show Idk GIF by CTV Comedy Channel

Wrong thread? the Nick Sirianni thread is somewhere else

.... ok, probably a double post actually, idk either guy lol

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I love the way people just constantly look to stats as a way of judging how good a Head Coach will be. Does being a top Coordinator make you a really good Head Coach? No, it doesn't. The responsibilities are totally different. Not to mention there is no factoring in of how good the personnel is of the Coach in question.

The fact is, people don't know. Everyone (for some reason) wants to judge a Head Coach before he's even joined the team and it just baffles me. 

I get wanting to express an opinion (it is a forum after all); I just don't get people with such definitive opinions at this stage. "OMG WE SUCK WHAT ARE WE DOING" - you have no clue how good of a Head Coach he is. Stop acting like you do.

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What a cluster. 

No offense to Culley, but my first 10 reactions were "Who?". 

I get Bienemy's past and Reid underling status, but there were other decent candidates out there with name recognition. 

Either Culley knocked it out of the park, or the Texans ownership is clueless. My vote is the latter.

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Congrats to Culley. I just don't know much about him though seems a lot of people have high praise. 

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out with Watson. I still thinks he wants out.

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9 minutes ago, big_palooka said:

You know who does? Derek Carr... I bet Easterby would love him some Derek Carr. 

Someone get Mayock on the phone..... 

Cal probably doesn't know that Derek's brother played here...

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