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Official FF BSET - Band of Brothers vs It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Round 2 - Lord Crow  

30 members have voted

  1. 1. 26th seed vs 7th seed

    • Band of Brothers (26)
    • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (7)

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  • Poll closed on 01/29/2021 at 09:00 PM

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1 hour ago, 43M said:

Band of Brothers was the better show, but I voted for Sunny because I can watch it any time and enjoy the hell out of it.    Band of Brothers I have to be in a certain mood to get into it.

To add to this...I dont really consider Band of Brothers a true TV show.   Its a limited run mini series.   It feels more like a long movie than a TV show.

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6 hours ago, Shockwave said:

This is insane..  a phenomenal wartime masterpiece is losing vs. a meh hack job comedy show... 😡😡😡

First off, Sunny is neither "meh" nor "hack job".     Despite having alot of stupid and raunchy humor, is incredibly well written and there are plenty of incredibly smart episodes.   Its actually one of the smarter comedies on TV since Arrested Development.

Secondly, while I agree that Band of Brothers was brilliant and overall a better achievement in entertainment, as I said....I dont consider it a real TV show.     It was designed to be what it was, a miniseries that revolved around a central plot, and while it was incredibly well done, didnt have to carry on beyond that, or come up with new stories in subsequent seasons, which is a harder task.   Its much harder to keep a show great for 10 seasons than 10 episodes.     Not taking ANYTHING away from BoB, but in reality, its not really a fair comparison.    As I stated....I think its easier to compare BoB to movies than it is TV shows.

Third, its all down to preference.   Personally, I love to laugh, so comedies will USUALLY have the edge with me....as long as I find the show funny.     In this case, I actually think Band of Brothers is the better product....but Sunny is an actual TV show that has stayed relevant and entertaining for 15 years, and I can enjoy it any time I turned in on.

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