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Deshaun Watson officially requests trade

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It's common knowledge that Watson's publicly doubled down with Houston...


The HOU FO position isn't new, but the buyers' approach is somewhat unique (LOL).....


The joke's on the other teams.  The Texans likely didn't spring for the voice mail option in their phone plan.

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3 minutes ago, Broncofan said:

The Texans likely didn't spring for the voice mail option in their phone plan.

Cal probably forgot his password to his VM, so might as well throw that message into a hole.

Watson is going to sit out. The NFL is a better place if Watson is playing - no matter where it is.

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Alright I know I'm a little late but I'll explain why I think not caving to the trade demand is the only good thing the front office might do this offseason.

So we'll start with being clear upfront that that our FO is horrendous and Easterby is the devil. He needs to go. I don't and am not defending anything they have done with this organization up to this point. My belief in not caving is based on what has already happened so it can't be taken back.

Watson is signed through 2025. He isn't an imminent FA. That is important. All this talk about him never being more valuable than now may be true, but it isn't like trade him or lose him. Same with saying the no trade clause gives him leverage. If he wants out that bad he'll have to accept what they agree to if they so choose (which I wouldn't). Regardless of what we get a QB like Watson you don't give away for any reason. It doesn't matter what we get we can never ensure we get the QB quality that is necessary. And I go back to the start of this reasoning. He is signed through 2025. This isn't Leveon Bell who can sit a season and the sign elsewhere. If the FO holds Watson will either play or retire. If he retires, then so be it, I'll take the chance it wouldn't do that. If he plays you have 5 years of his play, I for one think he has too much integrity to not do is best if for no other reason than his teammates. And in that time maybe Easterby is fired or maybe he likes the coaches enough. Or we get a few years of top QB play and can trade him with a year or 2 remaining. Rebuilding may be needed but he is too good to give up for a rebuild. You try to figure things out with him first.

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