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So... what now?


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I said most of it in the other thread, so I'll just link it here:

Aside from seeing where Watson ultimately goes to determine where I go from here, I'm obviously going to keep watching UT because alma mater. Definitely looking forward to seeing where Joseph Ossai lands - as others have discussed players that went to their HS, he's the first NFL-level guy that came from mine. Being a Longhorn gives him double bonus points.

What could bring me back? Probably nothing less than a full-house fumigation in the FO, from Cal on down. If him and Easterby don't care about actually winning professional football games, then I don't care to support them or having them in any way attached to this team. If they want to run a Bible camp on their own time and money, that's their prerogative, but those don't play in the NFL.

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There is hope fellow texans fans. Some great news about the team from McClain is that Devlin will not return as OL coach. This is the best news ever imo. With so many problems on this team there is at least some chance now our OL will perform better than they have the last 6 years that Devlin has been the coach. Maybe there will be better protection for Watson or a rookie or whoever our RB will be going forward. Stick with us. Go Texans

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On 1/29/2021 at 12:45 PM, ET80 said:

I respect this - I guess it's easier for me to disassociate from this team because I remember life pre-Texans and post-Oilers; I just sort of floated around.

I followed Warren Moon a bit, I loved Moon (he's probably the reason I'm a fan to begin with). I followed the Panthers because they had a guy from my HS on their team (Winslow Oliver - @jch1911, did you know him?) But it was just existing. I got to know every team in some capacity. 

I have no trust in this organization. That's how I know I've got to disassociate.

I was an eagles fan in that time period, loved Reid and Mcnabb

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