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Tcmd - 2021 (Steelers Select Alim mcneil with their 2nd)

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Ekelar deal done 

So now we have 25 mil, and needs are C , Slot , Edge by my account 

Draft ammo 



4th x2 


7th x2 


If anyone wants to take a look at the UFA listing on the 1st post, we still have a while until the 1st round of bidding starts. 

You get 3 guys and 1 reserve bid (if we want to) 

As of now my targets would be

 C Ethan pocic

Slot darqueze danard

maybe an edge?

Big money guys are bud dupee , Hassan riddick (15.5 mil apy)

Caral Lawson (12 mil)

Shaquille Barret ( 17 mil apy)

Tysus Bowser (8 mil)

Ryan karrigan (5 mil)

takarist McKinney (vet min) 

I think i like Bowser or karrigan and let Highsmith camp battle it out with either of them


Reserved bid for Sean Davis for basically the vet minimum ( maybe a little higher cause if someone bids on him I doubt it would be much more then the vet min)



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Going to be a bit of a dry time here with 1st round FA not until Feb 15th I think. 

But I like what we did so far

 I'm a big hurts fan (I know some might not like him),

and adding Ekelar will help the run game and pass game and he's on a team friendly deal for the next 3 years

Donavan Smith is good , I think we overpaid on the resigning him at 17 apy, but that doesn't really matter for this.

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Looking over the trade block, lions have Jesse James , I'd love to bring him back home but at 4.5 cap hit is it worth it? 

Texans also have Darren fells on the block and he only would be a 1.5 cap hit

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1 hour ago, warfelg said:

Hurts is the only move so far that I’d disagree with. 

I just thought he'd be a good fit for the Matt Canada offense ...and he'd help improve the run game a bunch with the RPOs

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I opened up the ability to tag and trade juju or Bud Dupree ... We'll see if anything comes in 

If not might think about tagging bud and then extending him that way we don't have to fight FA for him

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That's allowed , I can do that tonight if that's the route we want to take  

We also got a trade for Zach Kerr for Haskins + a pick 

Be honest I don't like giving away a pick but Kerr could play NT role I think?

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9 minutes ago, Cbrunn said:

Man Eric Fisher just got traded for a 5th 

Looks like we went for the wrong LT

Well he did just tear his Achilles. So who knows how people will view him. 

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Bj Finney on the block for a 7th if we haven't addressed C in FA 

A rookie is great and can still invest in one but it doesn't seem like rookie C's have great track record , I'd rather have a vet there to at least start the season

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Extended TJ watt saved over 3 mill this year 

FA CB targets - should we just look for a slot guy this year or potential starter next year?  I really like the idea of maybe adding William Jackson III to the CB room

Slot guys

Darqueze danard  3.5 apy 

Dane Jackson minimum 

Cam Sutton 7.5 apy 

Desmond King 5.5 apy

Potential starters

Fabian moreau  2.2 apy 

William Jackson III 7.5 apy 




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On 2/1/2021 at 7:43 AM, jebrick said:

I would pay Bud at least 16-17M per year.

he really improved, but what will he lose to the knife? Then next year pay Watt. That would be nice, but if ben has a good year, expect him to ask for another deal. 

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