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Stafford traded to Rams

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Yeah, Lions den. Where everyone thinks the Lions are great and anyone who says different is considered crazy,negative,mean, or a no nothing.


Someone just said I know nothing cause I said Jared Goff sucks. An it was basically endorsed by Louis know's nothing. Lol. K. Wait and see fellas. We'll all get to watch.

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8 minutes ago, Louis Friend said:


Jared Goffs contract

Because of being traded, Lions are on the hook for $43 million for Goff over the next two seasons... ironically, the same amount owed to Stafford. 

We didn't gain cap space with this move, but we didn't destroy it either. 

I was looking at this from the Rams.  It looks like it’s not two bad for us.  Not great but not as bad as it is for the Rams.

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8 minutes ago, JonStark said:

Cold weather thing might be overblown. We just don't know because the sample size is small and the first couple times were against elite defenses.

He looked pretty good against GB with a broken thumb. That thing clearly wasn't healed, and while he wasn't asked to do a lot, his passes looked good. 

He destroyed TN too. 

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4 minutes ago, Lionized said:

Per source Lions are expected to flip Goff to the Colts 

Are you kidding me!!!! Please be true. I'll do a 180 and talk about there mastery in trades.


SOOOOOO many emotions right now if you're serious!

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Wow, kudos to Holmes and whomever else was involved. As previously mentioned the Lions know who they’re getting in Goff. He can be successful in the NFL and certainly hold down the starters role while they develop a young QB. He just might surprise us all and take the next step. Two firsts and a third is a decent return as well.

Now, if he gets flipped to Indy that would make things very interesting.

It likely won’t happen but Watson seems like a perfect fit for the Lions.

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