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FF Big Brother 9: Swoosh wins!!


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VETO 1: On the Spectrum


DEADLINE FOR MOVES: wednesday 7 pm cst

If you dont submit moves, there is a punishment

only these players are picked to play:

@The Orca







The goal for this game is to try to predict how everyone else will respond by putting target items on a particular spectrum of two opposites between 1-100 

For example, if I use the spectrum Hot/Cold.

If the Target item is ice cubes, you may assign it a value of 80 on the spectrum. Pretty cold, but not the coldest thing.

Each round, the further you are away from the average number on the spectrum, the more thetans you gain. We will round to the nearest whole number. Thetans are bad, so the lowest number wins veto.

in other words, you want to try to pick what most ppl pick. the average

Again, there can be no working together here on this comp.


Choose a number on the spectrum where the target item fits


round 1.

Spectrum 1-100: Ryan Leaf-Tom Brady

Target Item: Derek Carr


Round 2:

Spectrum 1-100: Shallow- Deep

Target Item: Baltic Sea



Round 3:

Spectrum 1-100: Harry Potter-Voldemort

Target Item: Snape


Round 4: 

spectrum 1-100:  O'doul's- Everclear

Target item: Bacardi 151


Round 5: 

spectrum 1-100: Drew Carey - Alex Trebek

Target item: Chuck Woolery


Round 6:

spectrum 1-100: lettuce-doughnut

target item: spring roll


template(pick 1-100 for each and try to pick where on the spectrum most people will place the target item)








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31 minutes ago, gopherwrestler said:

Im up, time to make the bacon. Do this already.


also @Malfatronhopefully you are still using day theme that white highlight is absolutely painful in night mode.

Now to figure out how that awfulness happened. I didnt tell the system to put everything in blinding light

I switched back to day because night mode is horrible on a laptop 


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50 minutes ago, mission27 said:
14 hours ago, ET80 said:

I guess others are going to make the foolish mistake of forcing ET and the MoL together early...

@TLO and @mission27 - gonna have to dig some holes in the desert whenever we hit up Vegas. I feel like we're going to have bodies to hide and stories to tell this game.


If y'all dig deep enough you might find mission from BB3

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