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FF Big Brother 9: Swoosh wins!!

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The key to solving this game is to think not only which three arr together, but why did Malf choose those particular 4 choices in the first place?

Theres likely to be red herrings to make "too obvious" of linkings. which of course would help you narrow things down

So this is very much an outguess the host game


1. @Outpost31

2. @swoosh

3. @jasonwbantle

4. @Shady Slim

5. @TedLavie

6. @The Orca

7. @gopherwrestler


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Just now, Malfatron said:


A. Minnesota Vikings

B. Detroit Lions

C. Buffalo Bills

D. Chicago Bears


Shady picks C

The rest pick D

Answer: D. Chicago Bears

Reason: The bears are the only team of the group that won a super bowl.

red herring: Putting 3 teams that were in the NFC North


swoosh - 1

outpost - 1

orca - 1

gopher - 1 

jason - 1

shady - 0

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The answer is D - 993

Its a prime number while the rest arent

red herring: 3 of them end in 3


jason - 2

outpost - 2

orca - 2

swoosh - 1

gopher - 1 

shady - 1

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