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FF Big Brother 9: Swoosh wins!!

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5 minutes ago, TedLavie said:


No need for unnecessary drama.

@jasonwbantleis my first nominee. He's still here because of me, I'd like to correct that stain on my resume.

@Outpost31 is the backup option in case jason wins HoH. I have a ton of respect for outpost, but we're simply not allies here.

Those are the nominees

How am I here Bc of you? Gtfoh

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Veto 13: Minigame Madness


In this game, we will be playing 4 minigames.

Whoever places last in each comp will be eliminated, and the rest will proceed to the next minigame.

You will PM me all of your minigame moves at once! Due Wednesday 3 PM CST

note: submit whole numbers only. if you submit decimals, it will be rounded to the nearest valid number

MiniGame 1: Musical Chairs

The Game: PM me a number from 1-5000. 

Then, we will play musical chairs in which I will randomly generate a number between this amount.

If you are closest to the number without going over, you sit in a chair and are safe. If everyone goes over, the highest number sits in a chair and is safe. Anyone with the same number, you'll be randomized to see who sits down.

Then we keep going until 4 are seated (we remove the sitting players' number from consideration)

Whoever doesn't have a chair at the end is eliminated!


Minigame 2: Swimming with Sharks

The Game: PM me a number between 1-100.

That's how long you decide to stay in the water against a shark.

And it represents your odds to get bitten by a shark and how many points you get if you survive (if you submit 20, then you have a 20 percent chance to be bitten by a shark, and if you survive you get 20 points).

We go in order from the least brave (lowest number submitted) to the most brave (highest number submitted).

If you get bit, you are instantly eliminated and the game stops.

If everyone survives, whoever gets the lowest score is eliminated.

All ties are randomized in Discord


Minigame 3: Guess Half the Average

The Game: PM me a number between 1-5000.

We will then take the average of the three guesses.

Then we half that amount.

Whoever is further away from that is eliminated.


Minigame 4: Paper, Rock, Scissors, Lizard, Spock,

The Game: PM me 5 throws using Paper, Rock , Scissors, Lizard, Spock (cannot use a specific throw more than twice)

You will face off against your opponent, and we will use the throws in order. The first winning throw wins veto! (The other throws are used in case of tie(s).

Scissors cuts Paper

Paper covers Rock

Rock crushes Lizard

Lizard poisons Spock

Spock smashes Scissors

Scissors decapitates Lizard

Lizard eats Paper

Paper disproves Spock

Spock vaporizes Rock

Rock crushes Scissors



tl;dr template

1. PM number between 1-5000

2. PM number between 1-100

3. PM number between 1-5000

4. PM me 5 throws using Paper, Rock , Scissors, Lizard, Spock (cannot use a specific throw more than twice)










@Shady Slim


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