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FF Big Brother 9: Swoosh wins!!

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2 minutes ago, bucsfan333 said:

You've made like one post in the Bucs forum in the last 12 months. And that was a few hours ago.

Not sure you count.

12 months you say.  I guess that timing is not a coincidence.  

We won so I dropped a token post.  Won't be back until the next one.  Hopefully in another 12 months you'll see me make another token post.  


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11 hours ago, Outpost31 said:

I’m voting to keep Nazgul.

I hate him.

But I love his effort and how competitive he is and his respect for this game.

Nothing against BCB, I just think predetermining who you vote for based on challenges is kind of silly.  It’s a strategy that makes few enemies, but is also a random way for someone to get voted out of the game when some of these challenges are purely luck.  Additionally, some of the challenges are set up in such a way as to eliminate competitors from the competition, which is a great way to take advantage of BCB’s strategy, and that could end in a great player leaving the game due to nothing more than losing a challenge.

I took advantage of a few bad players or players who had checked out in Survivor and I would like to get this game to a final 9 of great, active players.

I voted for Naz cuz everyone told me to.

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All votes are in, houseguests.

The live eviction will be announced at 10 AM cst


1. @Outpost31

2. @swoosh

3. @jasonwbantle

4. @Daboyle

5. @Shady Slim

6. @Dwight_Schrute

7. @Pickle Rick

8. @mission27

9. @TedLavie

10. @The Orca

11. @JoshstraDaymus

12. @bcb1213

13. @gopherwrestler

14. @Nazgul

15. @ET80

16. @FinneasGage

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1 hour ago, Malfatron said:

The live eviction will be announced at 10 AM cst

But first - snack time!

Simple and sweet today: Popcorn balls coated in Caramel and Chocolate with a peanut butter center!


Enjoy, everyone! ET has the treats you need!

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Just now, Malfatron said:

By a vote.....of 10-3....the person who is evicted from the Big Brother house is..





Naz, you have a few moments to say goodbye, and then must leave the house. Thanks for playing!


bcb you are safe.



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Sorry, @Nazgul.  I thought I could save you.  I really wanted to get into a situation where we were in the finals so I could self-destruct by trusting you again.  Like I’m not lying, I really did try to save you.  Really respect how seriously you take these games and how hard you try in them, and you’ve always been a really fun adversary.

I would have pulled you off the block, but I thought I had a bette chance saving you on the vote than Dwight.

I was wrong and that sucks.

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This will be my last post as I delete my account but I wanted to respond. Since I joined two years ago, I was harassed. I stood up for myself the last two years and you all came after me. This year, I barely said a word and didn’t message anyone. Yet you have ppl like gmen constantly posting and constantly talking ****. Still, I was removed right away. 

Obviousky what I have been saying in last season was true. You’re all a bunch of losers with no real friends. You all back each other up on this Internet forum I couldn’t care less about. You’re the type of nerds who were bullied by ppl like me in high school so you hide behind a computer and talk crap with nothing of value in your real life.

well congrats. I’m done and my account is gone. Just a Shame your lives are so pathetic that you need to obsess about me. I strongly urged you to get off your fat ***** and get a life. Talking crap on the internet 24/7 makes it pretty clear what kind of pitiful, scared losers you all are. Keep obsessing and thinking/talking about me bc you will. I will never remember a single one of you losers besides @mathman who ran an awesome game- compare it to any other game run. It’s a joke.

So, get an education, go workout or maybe play an actual sport, and stop hiding. **** all you.

Your superior is out

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