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FF Big Brother 9: Swoosh wins!!

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7 minutes ago, jasonwbantle said:

If you asked for being handed a win you didn’t deserve- then yup.

What did you expect going against a Doug Pederson coached team?

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Lol this is my favorite challenge ever because Jason is having a meltdown over the actions of a simulation football game.

Also because I’m still in it.

It is fitting for me to win this HOH because it’s a quick HOH and I make my nominations faster than anyone, so it really is a waste of an Outpost HOH winner for the host.

But I will still lose.

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12 minutes ago, Outpost31 said:

I’ve noticed that Jason only thinks things are rigged when he loses.

Show me where it has been a single instance in my favor.

I’ll wait.

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Posted (edited)
4 minutes ago, The Orca said:

Anybody have an updated matchups?



orca loses to shady

outpost loses to ted

swoosh loses to jason

dwight loses to et


championship games

outpost at orca

dwight at swoosh


spoilers if you arent uptodate

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