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Mock 2 no big trades

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Christian Kirksey

Dean Lowry

Devin Funchess

Rick Wagner

Josh Jackson 




Aaron Rodgers - quit the nonsense 5 more years retires the packers goat. Love with be traded next year hopefully for a 1st after a good preseason.


D. Adams - keeps Rodgers happy and the best packer receiver ever with the team. 


Preston Smith - takes a pay cut to stay with this team and is a true leader even if the stats are done.


New Defensive Coordinator 


Ejiro Evero 




David Bahktari 

Jamal Williams 

Mercedes Lewis 

Allen Lazard 

Robert Tonyan 

All other cheap RFA and ERFA retained 


Free Agents:


DJ Jones DT 

Rakeem Nunez-Roches DT 

Troy Hill CB 

Keelan Cole WR




The Draft:


Round 1: Jalen Mayfield OT Michigan 

Round 2: Michael Carter RB North Carolina 

Round 3: Richie Grant S UCF

Round 4: Dillon Radunz OT North Dakota St.

Round 4: Comp Marlon Williams WR Central Florida 

Round 5: Kelvin Joseph CB Kentucky 

Round 5: Comp Keith Taylor CB Washington 

Round 6: Quinn Meinerz C WI-Whitewater 

Round 6: Comp Marquez Stevenson WR Houston 

Round 7: Erroll Thompson LB Miss St.





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2 hours ago, fattlipp said:

Funchess is cheap and could be our #2, I’d keep him..

seconded. If we draft a WR, it's someone who can function as a RS given our woes there. I also don't see that much activity in FA as well. As for the draft, there's no way we wait until the 5th for a CB, even if we were to sign Troy Hill. It will all depend on who's on the board at 29 and 62; at 29, you're more likely to take Alex Leatherwood as he can start at RT Day 1(I don't think Mayfield's quite there) and if Paulson Adebo is there at 62, you pull the trigger as he's an immediate upgrade over King.

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Unless the RB is head and shoulders above every other prospect available when GB is on the clock, I can't imagine they'll take one before round 4.  And if it's earlier than the middle of round 3, they'd still probably trade back in that position.  You can find value for RBs in lower rounds (see Jones, Aaron), and GB just drafted at high value a QB and a RB.  Those are the only two positions I see as being virtually impossible in the first 2.5/3 rounds.  And a QB (if they choose to move on from Boyle) no earlier than the 5th round.

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Could you explain why you cut Josh Jackson? He's on a rookie deal and wouldn't save much money even if he's cut.

Ditto with Funchess. He seems like a fairly cheap option to retain (but I honestly wonder if he's already been replaced by Tonyan, in terms of the types of targets he would recieve)

I am ok double dipping at OT though, but I feel like that would make Billy Turner somewhat expendable.

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I find it highly doubtful we are that active in outside FA.  

I personally like the Mayfield pick, RT best position in the NFL.  Radunz will not be there Round 4 but I like him too. Greener than Mayfield and maybe more unsettled.

Love your Round 2 and 3 picks.

Not sure Taylor is there at 5 but possible.  Meinerz will not make it our of Round 4, and could go 3.


No EDGE, no D-Line, no ILB with 10 picks.  I don't care who we bring in with FA, that's not happening.

Just some thoughts.   Nice job overall and anything's possible.

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Someone remind me why we need a S so bad that we run a 3rd on the position with everything else we need? 

RB is a little pricey in the 2nd since you already have Quadzilla on this roster, and you brought back Williams.

I Don't think we spend anywhere near that money in FA, so I'd assume a 2 gap DT somewhere in the back end at the very least. Keke is a good enough pass rush option to rotate in.

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Agree ... no safety especially in the 3rd.  RB in 4th whether comp or not is good spot.  Need CB, DL, OL and yes a wr somewhere in top 4 draft rounds.  I do think there will be some FA money available for a vet or two to fill spots; won't be huge money but reasonable.    

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Position is a major consideration, but you guys are too focused on it.  If an outstanding prospect is easily on top of your board with no doubt you take that football player.  Trade out is a possibility but that has to make sense too.  We didn't need Rodgers when we took him either, and we tried to trade out of it according to reports.  When we couldn't get a deal that made sense, we took that football player.  Both the Round 2 and 3 picks make sense, outstanding prospects where taken on my board.  We won't really know what the pro's think until draft day, will we?

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