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Washington Football Team will Trade for Aaron Rodgers. (You heard it here 1st)


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Thought I would make this prediction universal, rather than just team forum specific.  



I realize the Rams were rumored to call about Rodgers, & were told no.

The Niners are rumored to be inquiring about Rodgers as well.

But when all is said & done, it will be Washington that gets Rodgers. 

Look for March 12th-to-March 19th for a deal to be agreed upon, or a trade done & in waiting...

I believe it will cost Washington #19, one of their 3rds, 1st in 2022 & DL Matt Ionitus.

Just wanted to give NFL fans a heads up & Packers fans early enough warning, so they can prepare themselves.

Gonna be a fun off season! 🏈😎🥂

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40 minutes ago, Calamity_Cometh said:

I will never post here again, under this name or any other, if this were to happen.

Be careful, while ace has some crazy Acetradmus predictions, there are some that have come to pass and others that barely missed. 

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25 minutes ago, Hunter2_1 said:

Oh here we go again.

Have any of these come in at all for you?

I think he was short on the Kirk Cousins one by like 80 yards.

He was also hammering the WFT making the playoffs for most of the season. 

Other than that, no :) 

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