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BDL 2017 Week 6: Seoul Dragons @ Portland Horned Owls


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BDL 2017 Week 6: 

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For people who have been following along and wish to vote: please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (GTD) are game-time decisions.


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Seoul Dragons Lineup:


QB Matt Ryan

RB Chris Thompson

WR AJ Green

WR TY Hilton

WR Chris Hogan

TE Travis Kelce

LT Donald Penn

LG Kevin Zeitler

C Alex Mack

RG Rodger Saffold

RT Ryan Schraeder


Bench RB Jay Ajayi

Bench RB Wayne Gallman

Backup FB Patrick DiMarco

Backup WR Tyrell Williams

Bench TE Jason Witten

Bench TE Gerald Everett

Bench OL David Andrews

Bench OL Ronnie Stanley


RE Robert Ayers (Q)

DT Gerald McCoy

DT Geno Atkins

LE Melvin Ingram

SLB Nigel Bradham

MLB Ryan Shazier

CB Aqib Talib

CB Darius Slay

CB Kendall Fuller

SS Derrick Kindred

FS Marcus Williams


Bench Edge Anthony Zettel

Bench Edge Derek Barnett

Bench Int Shelby Harris

Bench Int Stacy McGee

Bench LB Demario Davis

Bench CB Robert Alford

Bench CB Phillip Gaines

Bench S Barry Church


Portland Owls Lineup:


QB1: Derek Carr
RB1: LeSean McCoy
WR1: Sammy Watkins
WR2: Davante Adams
WR3: Jermaine Kearse
TE1: Charles Clay
LT:  Alejandro Villanueva 
LG: Luke Joekel
C:  Ben Jones
RG: Ryan Jensen
RT: Anthony Castanzo 


QB2: Tyrod Taylor
RB2: Jordan Howard
RB3: Ameer Abdullah
FB:  Kyle Juzsczyk - Out.
WR4: Seth Roberts
WR5: Roger Lewis
WR6: Rashard Higgins
TE2: Austin Hooper
OL6: J.C Tretter
OL7: Jared VeldHeer
OL8: Spencer Pulley

Portland's Defense:

RDE: Robert Quinn
3T:  Kawann Short
DT:  Timmy Jernigan
LDE: Emmanual Ogbah
WLB: Telvin Smith
MLB: Dont'a Hightower
CB1: Jimmy Smith
CB2: Jason McCourtey
SCB: Ken Crawley
FS: Glover Quin
SS: Malcolm Jenkins


SLB: Bruce Irvin
RLB: Zach Brown
LB5: Blake Martinez
CB4: P.J Willliams
CB5: Sean Smith
S3:  Daniel Sorenson
DE3: T.J Watt
DE4: Charles Johnson
DT3: Michael Pierce
DT4: DaQuan Jones

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Seoul Gameplan:



Portland has a fairly defense but one area of weakness is the slot corner position. Ken Crawley figures to start there but he has no experience at the slot position and, though he may be one of the best graded corners on PFF, he’s played only 2 games vs a hobbled Cam Newton and a healthy Jay Cutler, so we’re going to test him a lot in the 1st half. Our plan is to shuffle our 3 starting wide receivers inside and outside and to beat Crawley, mainly in the middle of the field. Of course, the slot receiver will not be the only one targeting the middle of the field and out outside guys will run some dig and slant routes.


The middle of the field will be crowded with a solid LB tandem. To empty it, look for Thompson and Kelce to run routes outside. In the 1st half, Thompson will be used mainly as a decoy or as a safety valve, but we will target Kelce frequently. We have tremendous respect for Telvin Smith but we feel no one can guard Kelce 1vs1 so we will take a few shots at him.


We will run the ball with 55% pass and 45% run ratio, and we will stick to run even if it doesn’t pay off at first. We will particularly try to run off tackle, on Robert Quinn side, as he’s the weak link of this run defense.  Thompson and Gallman will rotate, with Thompson seeing the majority (70%) of the 1st half snaps. Ajayi will come in on obvious run situations as we want to keep him fresh for the 2nd half.


The goal of that strategy is to bring Jenkins closer to the LoS and leave 1vs1 matchups for our outside receivers in the 2nd half. For that we will stick to the run with Ajayi much more involved. He doesn’t have the gaudy stats because of an atrocious OL IRL, but behind our offensive line we think he can be much more effective. Thompson comes in for passing downs and Gallman rotates with Ajayi to give him a breather from time to time.


As stated above, if Jenkins plays in box, or covers Kelce, we will look for 1vs1 matchups involving Kelce and our outside wideouts, and we won’t hesitate to go deep. Glover Quin is a very good safety, but he can’t play everywhere, and our receivers should have an advantage over Portland corners. If we can get 1vs1 between Hilton and McCourty especially, we will feast on it, as McCourty doesn’t have the speed to stay with TY for 20/30 years routes. To keep Matty Ice protected, the RB will stay in pass pro to help against that very good Portland interior DL.


One last thing we will do is test Portland CB depth. Sean Smith and PJ Williams have both been benched recently, and we like Tyrell Williams over any of them.


Tl;dr: Key on Jenkins, involve Kelce, stay balanced, attack Portland corners




We are gonna keep it simple this week on defense. We are gonna man up and stop the run as best as we can. It starts upfront where we should be able to dominate Portland OL. Ayers and Zettel will split snaps, with Ayers playing on running downs and Zettel on passing downs. On the other side, Ingram will play 90% of the snaps and Barnette giving him a breather on 10% of the snaps. McCoy also plays 90% of the snaps, Atkins will play 75% (like they do IRL), with Shelby Harris coming in on running downs to rotate.


In man, Talib takes on Adams, Slay is on Watkins with Williams providing deep help, Fuller on Kearse. Shazier takes the running game and Kindred or Church on Clay. Kindred and Church will rotate as well, with Kindred in on running downs and Church on passing downs. Our strong safety will play in the box to help against the running game. Bradham gets the start due to his superb performance on TNF and his assignments will vary between playing middle zone, spying the QB (only if Tyrod plays), helping our safety on Clay (especially if it’s Kindred), blitzing or compensate a blitz.


We will alternate with some zone coverages (15-20% of the snaps), mainly a cover 3 look which allows us to keep the deep part of the field protected while keeping our safety in the box. Blizting will be occasional (10% of the snaps), and will come from everywhere (corner, safety, linebacker).


Portand Gameplan:


Portland Offensive Gameplan: Quick Paced Offense, Commit to the run, Control the clock, Make plays.

The Passing Game: With Derek Carr most likely coming back this week we're going to open up the passing game against a vunerable Seoul Secondary, If Carr doesn't suit up we'll mostly roll with the same game plan except we'll use Tyrod more as a runner. Darius Slay is a good no.1 CB but I feel like Watkins can beat him deep and we'll make sure to get him invovlved quite a bit this week since this is a "revenge" game against his former team. Adams will be our no.2 WR he'll more than likely get matched up against Alford who has been god awful this year. Kendall fuller will be their no.3 CB and he's played well this year but he's still a medicore slot CB. We'll use LeSean McCoy heavily in the passing game since I feel like he's a massive mismatch for Seoul's LBs, Charles Clay and Austin Hooper will both get some targets since they're both good pass catching TEs. Seoul's pass rush is easily the best thing about their defense and it's led by a pair stud DTs in Gerald McCoy and Atkins but they lack decent depth behind those two, Their Edge rushers led by Ingram who is having a fantastic season and Ayers who is a solid edge rusher on the other side. We're going to counter Seoul's fierce pass rush by moving the pocket on Rollouts and Bootlegs, Carr/Taylor are both fairly mobile and should be able to make some plays with their legs. Seoul's safeties aren't terrible but they're not great either Barry Church is a solid S but Marcus Williams is pretty awful. We'll take advanatges of matchups that they give us, we'll use a quick paced offense to try and wear out their defense so we can run the ball down their throats. I expect we'll maintain a 55/45 pass to run ratio depending on how the game goes. We'll mostly operate out of 2 TE sets since that allows us to use them as blockers and give them matchup issues I don't think they'll be able to defend. We'll also use 3 WR sets and 2 RB sets to get both LeSean and Howard on the field. 

The Running Game: Jordan Howard and Lesean McCoy will be our RBs this week and we'll be taking on a very good Seoul front seven, I expect they'll be able to break tackles and get plenty YAC. LeSean will be used as a 3rd down back and get at least 5+ Targets he'll also mix in for carries to keep Howard fresh. Howard will be our Primary Ball Carrier and should approach 20+ touches but the two will play an equal amount of snaps and we'll try to use them to the best of their abilities. My O-line should be able to get some push in the middle but since we're going up such a stout D-line we'll focus on exposing their Edges by running it outside and taking advantadge of their medicore LBs. Ameer Abdullah will mix in for some carries as well to keep both of them fresh, we're going to commit to running the ball to keep our offense balanced and to keep Seoul from selling out to stop one aspect of our offense. While my blockers aren't all Pro-Bowlers they're all pretty solid and should be able to give Tyrod/Carr a clean pocket for most of the game and open up some decent running lanes for my RBs.

The Blocking: This week the blocking will remain mostly the same, with the biggest difference being Jensen slotting in at RG. Jensen has played extremely well this year with him being PFF's no.3 C. Alejandro Villanueva will be our LT and he excels in pass blocking and should keep our QBs blindside clean, Luke Joekel who has played fairly well this year will be our LG, Ben Jones who is a very good run blocker will be our C, Anthony Castanzo PFF's #14 T will be our RT and he should be able to open some big holes on the edge for the running game. We'll also leave a RB/TE in to pass block when needed and we'll make adjustments to the protection as needed. Also since this isn't a major thing but it's possible Seoul is aware of it, we've changed the Audibles and play calls a bit since we traded Zeitler to them so the defense won't be fully aware our of entire playbook.

TDLR; Score TDs, Run the ball, Dominate TOP, Convert in the Redzone.

Portland Defensive Gameplan: Force Turnovers, Limit their passing game, Put pressure on Ryan, Shut down the run.

Pass Defense: Jimmy Smith will cover A.J Green who he managed to keep to 5 catches for 74 yards (Not all of that was against Smith) in week one should be able to limit him here, T.Y Hilton is a speed Demon WR and he'll be covered by Jason McCourty PFF's No.2 CB and he should be able to keep him from making big plays. Ken Crawley will man the slot and he's PFF's no.4 CB he'll more than likely matchup with Chris Hogan who is an excellent deep threat but Crwaley has played very well so far so I'd expect he should be able to cover him. Seoul's offense led by MVP Matt Ryan has too many weapons to double any of them so we'll focus on keeping them in front of us by playing Cover 3 Zone defense. Malcolm Jenkins will be tasked with covering Travis Kelce if he suits up he won't cover him on all of the snaps but he will cover him on a decent amount of them, Kelce had a concussion last week so he might not be 100%. Matt Ryan hasn't been awful to star the year but he's been far from in MVP form of last year having thrown 5 INTs in his last two games, Ryan is still a top 5 QB but he's clearly not at his best right now. My Safeties are among the best in BDL and we'll use a decent amount of 3 safety looks to mix up our coverages, Glover Quin is PFF's no.1 Safety and is playing out of his mind this year he should be able to pick off Ryan at least once in this game. Daniel Sorenson will get the snaps on the 3 safety looks and he'll be our dime DB , we'll play a mix of man and zone to keep them guessing. Dont'a Hightower will be the QB of our defense and we'll rotate our D-line heavily to keep them fresh. I also boast two of the best LBs in BDL in Telvin Smith who had a pick six last week and is playing like a top 5 LBer right now,  Dont'a Hightower is also playing on a high level right now. Since Sammy Watkins is a former Dragon we'll have a ton of knowledge about their offensive signals and play calls and that should make it easier for my defense to read their plays.

Run Defense: Seoul boasts one of if not the best o-line in BDL however I also boast one of the top D-lines in BDL and this will be a matchup for the ages trenches wise, Robert Quinn+Emmanual Ogbah should be able to put a decent amount of edge pressure on Ryan, they'll rotate with T.J Watt to keep them fresh. Kawann Short+Jernigan will start in the interior Short is one of the top 5 D-lineman in the NFL while Jernigan is a good all round DT, Michael Pierce will rotate with them and he'll play on running downs. We'll play goaline defense as is needed and we'll rotate our d-line heavily to keep them fresh and make sure they're well rested for a battle against an elite o-line. We'll move Bruce Irvin around as a pass rushing chess piece on Blitzes and rotate him with Quinn+Ogbah to get him some pass rushing snaps since that's what he does best. Seoul's RB corps led by Jay Ajayi who is a very good runner but has a pretty terrible YPC as it sits at 3.4 YPC though that's more on his IRL line than anything. Chris THompson who is a really good pass catching RB and Wayne Gallman who is just meh. We should be able to limit the running game and keep them under 4YPC thanks to my elite front seven, however Seoul's o-line is pretty good so they might be able to crack 100+ yards rushing on 35+ carries if they commit to the run.

The Pass Rush: You know the deal by this point, BDL is won in the trenches now more than anything. While Seoul does possess one of the best o-lines in BDL we possess one of the best front sevens in BDL and we have no weaknesses. While Seoul's line is very good, it does have some medicore players up front in Roger Safford who isn't better than "average" in any facet of his game. My D-line should be able to take advantage of their minimal weaknesses up front and put a good amount of pressure on Ryan.

TDLR; Get to the QB, Get Turnovers, Make Tackles, Shut down the run.

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2 hours ago, Jlash said:

Seriously @OleXmad you just decided to have as many people on the bench as you wanted?

Nope I have like 12 players on my bench and I cut the ones I don't need depending on the game, forgot to cut the other scrubs. 

Defensive side of the ball Ignore Blake Martinez and Charles Johnson.

Offensive side of the ball, Ignore Pulley+Higgins+Juzcyck.

2 hours ago, TedLavie said:

Look who forgot about Aqib Talib.

Also, only 8 reserve players allowed on each side of the ball. Not sure what happened there

Forget about him....whoops.

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Both teams probably started then wrong RB this week (Shady is top 7 admittedly), but I think the greatest mismatch is Seoul's pass rush against Portland's offensive line. Zeitler loss is significantly felt here. I think Seoul could be a bit stagnant during the second half but I can't see Carr leading a comeback.

Seoul 26-Portland 21

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If Portland had a healthy Carr this would've been a very good matchup. Portland can probably take away A.J Green with Jimmy Smith to a degree, Travis Kelce would struggle against Portland's LBs and Safeties, T.Y Hilton against Jason McCourty is a solid matchup. But Portland is going to get destroyed in the slot....27-21 Seoul. I just trust Matt Ryan and that offense more. 

Word of advice to plug the hole in the slot move Glover Quinn to CB since he's played that position in the past and that would allow you to field 3 very good CBs and Daniel Sorenson is a solid replacement for him at safety. 

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Carr's just not right and the moment and even if Ryan has seemingly regressed to his usual level, which is still good, he's definitely more than capable of taking advantage of the weapons around him and putting some big points on the board against a secondary that isn't too flash.

I think Seoul would've been better served starting Ajayi just for the fact I think you need to give your playmakers the ball, but if the idea is to get an early lead and then grind away at Portland's offensive line, well, that's not a bad idea and should work out fine.

Seoul 24 - 17 Portland


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