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Pre-Draft Prospect Meetings


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21 minutes ago, Dcash4 said:

Just curious, but putting names of prospects aside for a moment would you rather have a stud QB for the next 10 years while you find your OL or a stud OL for the next 10 years while you find your quarterback?

Not really a wrong answer depending on how you feel about situation and what your overall plan would be, but for me I would take the QB all day every day and leave every single spot on my roster with a hole in order to move forward with that guy. 

If they like Jones and he is there at 24, I dont care if they have Buggs play LT and Snell snapping... I wouldn't skip a beat walking to the podium. 

(this isn't an endorsement of a prospect, just a general statement)

Ideally a stud QB. I do think that's the first real step for any franchise. Havunf said tgwt the only 2 stud QBs I see in this draft are Lawrence and Zach Wilson.  Though I've been wrong before. 

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Milton Williams pro day at EXoS:

Milton Williams
286 lbs
32 bench reps
35” vert
4.63 40 yard dash

That approaches Lamar Woodley territory for the workout.  Milton is a 3-4 DE( for those of you that are less studious about all the college players 🙂 )

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My mistake.  Looked at the wrong Williams.  He is a 3-4 DE from Louisiana Tech.  Still in Woodley territory.  Woodley had a KEI in the 80s.  Can't find his BJ numbers but he is at 67 with just 2 numbers.  He would play inside for the Steelers.

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Steelers showed slot of similar interest in Dotson last year...if they bring him in for pre-draft visit (they doing those this year?)....I’d wager they’re highly interested in him.

Also supposedly OL coach Klemm was at Northwesterns pro day watching Slater but that isn’t confirmed.

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2 hours ago, MOSteelers56 said:

I'd be ok with grabbing Meinerz with our second. He might not even slide that far, though. If he can play center, that is. 

The Steeler coaches worked him out on his pro day.  Let that simmer in your brain for a bit.

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