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2021 off-season discussion


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11 minutes ago, StLunatic88 said:

Hope he hangs on as a Comp 3rd. Hes already the #3 AAV this offseason, and its been less than 5 hours.

Although, it will help that Thuney and that MASSIVE contract likely wont be getting a Pick assigned to him with the Jonu and Judon deals

Although, I did forget about Smith initially, so JJ is the 4th highest AAV, and we will have to see if the others get canceled out (better chance that Jonu does than Judon)

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6 minutes ago, StLunatic88 said:

Also glad to see Linsley to land with the Chargers and not either of the Cardinals/Niners

I thought the same. Also looks like Everette is next to sign somewhere. His Instagram posts show everyone saying goodbye to him 

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1 hour ago, StLunatic88 said:

JJ gone, as we all should have expected.

No chance we could have paid him that, but honestly alittle surprised it wasnt more. Hope he hangs on as a Comp 3rd. Hes already the #3 AAV this offseason, and its been less than 5 hours.

Looks like a lot of guaranteed money so that's likely why the AAV is lower. 

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52 minutes ago, MDY10 said:

Can we get anything for Ebukam in terms of comp picks? I don’t understand how all that is measured. I guess same question for Everett once we see how much $$$ he got

Possibly, its a few other measures (like playing time and awards) but the basis of it all is the AAV of the contract. So the $6m that Samson got should meet the threshold somewhere in the 5th/6th range

OTC tracks/predicts them in real time, they currently have us getting a 4th & 5th

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7 minutes ago, RamRod said:

I believe he was our longest tenured Ram. This seemed expected after we brought in another LS.

Great.. Johnny gonna end up in Dallas eventually too so GZ, Jake, and Johnny can all play together with bones. 

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With some things starting to take shape after Day 1, I want to throw my predictions out there for what happens next for us:


  • Brockers will be cut.
  • Ramsey/Kupp will be restructured. (possibly Donald)
  • Stafford will be extended.
  • Woods will be traded to Jax for #33 overall
  • Rams will sign Kyle Rudolph.
  • Rams will sign John Ross.
  • Rams will sign Nick Martin.
  • Rams will sign Denzel Perryman.

Essentially we go bargain hunting in the latter days of FA as we have in the past on Rudolph, Ross, Martin, and Perryman. Wouldn't be shocked if we signed Keanu Neal on a 1 year incentive based deal while he looks to improve his value for next year.

Might as well add my draft predictions to this instead of creating a whole new thread. I do expect trade downs, but I will throw out a non-trade version.

#33 Walker Little OT Stanford

#57 Creed Humphrey IOL Oklahoma

#102 Ihmir Smith-Marsette WR Iowa

#104 Hamilcar Rashed EDGE Oregon St.

#142 Peter Werner LB OSU

#209 Jonathan Cooper EDGE OSU

#253 Peyton Ramsey QB Northwestern

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