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Everything Free Agency 2021 - Rumors, news and notes


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The bucs say they want AB and AB wants to come back but I don’t really know what his market would be. If I’m a GM I can’t really trust him to be on his best behavior. Like he will behave for Tom Brady but will he do it for your team? He didn’t even behave for Tom Brady in NE. Only in Tampa. It’s really weird. 

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4 minutes ago, Nick_gb said:

Honestly would LOVE to see this - Trevor Lawrence / J. Robinson / Chark / Shenault and Allen Robinson? YES PLEASE!

Put A-Rob in the slot, draft Pat Freiermuth at 33.


James Robinson

Chark/Shenault on the outside. A-Rob in the slot



TE’s don’t make much of an impact year 1, but that would be a young, exciting offense to watch.

I think the money, new regime and Lawrence could convince him to come back. He was just on Jax local sports radio today talking about his time with the Bears, impending FA and etc.

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5 minutes ago, kingseanjohn said:

He's never had a really good QB nor much success. I could see him doing a one year deal for a chance at a ring somewhere with hopes of a payday the following year.

Eh, he wants a long term deal is the vibes I got from listening to him today. He isn’t a fan of the franchise tag, so I doubt he signs a 1 year deal.

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