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Saints QB Drew Brees agrees to drop salary to league minimum; Saves Saints $24M

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8 minutes ago, Dome said:

Salary cap is hella fake 

All they're doing is spreading out the hit when he retires over two years instead of one, and lowering the salary he wouldn't have gotten anyways.

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54 minutes ago, Forge said:

This is an even more clear sign that he's done

Yup, this just allows the Saints to clear his 24M before July 1, that the Saints were never going to commit to in all likelihood.   They then recoup the 1M for 2022 when he announces his retirement.  This just lets them operate without it being official once FA begins. 

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11 hours ago, rob_shadows said:

Retired players shouldn't have any cap impact anyway tbh

This would be an absolutely horrendous loophole, though, allowing teams to give players a ton of money without it actually hitting the cap. The only money that teams have to pay against the cap for retired players, is money that they already paid them, but haven't paid against the cap. It's basically just the remainder of the prorated portion of the signing bonus. Any player who is close to retirement, the team could then just make almost all of their contract into signing bonus, and then not have to worry about most of it hitting the cap.

The most important aspect of how the cap works, is that there is no way to give a player money that doesn't eventually hit the cap. Teams can only really mess around with the timing of it. If retired players had no cap impact, it would allow teams to pay them without having them hit the cap. It would be very abusable, and favor teams with more money and willingness to pay more than the salary cap allows.

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