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2020/2021 Bucs V 2019/2020 49ers

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On 2/10/2021 at 12:24 AM, ASmithFan1010 said:

I'd consider it a lot for a player of his caliber.  His int % (2.2) would be his highest regular season int % since 2011.  2.2 is his career average int % but that is a good amount higher than like Rodgers or Mahomes (his peers).  You can say it isn't really a lot and that is fair but I think there is a pretty strong argument to predict he'd throw an int considering he throws 5 picks every 6 games in his playoff career, he's out of his prime, and facing a monsterous pass defense.

I think it's pretty clear Arian's aggressiveness has led to Brady taking more risks than Patriots Brady more ints are a result of this aggressiveness.

Brady coming out of the Bye was pretty much a zero turnover QB for about 8 games, if you remove the INT flurry in the NFCC, which SBLIII has contextualised. The only other pick was against ATL on a perfect pass to Scotty Miller which is one of the strangest INTs you'll ever see. I still don't know how the ball never touched the ground and popped up the way it did.

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Awful matchup for the Niners. Everything they did was built off running the ball and minimising Garoppolo. The Bucs have a truly lethal run stopping unit with unreal speed. Vea, Suh and Gholston would have shut that down early. White and David would have had field days. Garoppolo being forced to win the game would have been a disaster against that unit with at least a couple of easy picks, probably to Linebackers dropping into coverage.

Meanwhile, Brady would have no problem identifying what kind of game he needs to play to win. He is the best at that and will always play to the situation. If the Niners did manage to make a few plays here and there, the Bucs offense wouldn't have much problem putting up points anyway. The OL was performing at a high enough level to neutralise many great pass rushes, as they did. The weapons and QB speak for themselves. In their last 6 games, they hit 30+ every time, including a 44 and a 47.

To be honest, I think it would be pretty similar to the Super Bowl we just saw.

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