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Alex Smith - Wins CPOY


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Almost unanimous 49 of 50 votes (*).


(*) There's always that one "Russian judge" (the people alive during the Cold War understand that reference but I can explain it for you youngsters if you need it).


Up until the moment it occurred, Alex Smith's return to the gridiron felt more like a pipe dream than a possibility.

His motivation and sheer willpower afforded him the chance to not only continue his career but also elevate the Washington Football Team to its first NFC East crown and postseason appearance since 2015. And for that, Smith was officially announced as the 2020 AP NFL Comeback Player of the Year during Saturday's NFL Honors ceremony.

Smith won the award in a landslide, garnering 49 of 50 votes, with Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger notching the only other vote.

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22 minutes ago, lavar703 said:

He’s such a tool. After what he did to Art Monk he’ll be forever disliked by fans of this franchise. 

He should be disliked by all fans and most associated with Pro Football for what he did to Art Monk but it’ll never be. It just be us Washington fans who hate him more than anyone.

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