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Super Bowl Post Game Discussion

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1 minute ago, project T.O said:

Yep bucs dline killing Kansas City offense line, Kansas City wr’s not making played for mahomes, and garbage first half by the refs were biggest factors in this game. In that order. 

It all trickles down from the offensive line. Mahomes can't get the big play off if he has one of those four in his face right from the snap.

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Just now, DannyB said:

Bet he'd rather be 7 for 10. Plus go ahead and add all the seasons where he didn't make the finals into the loss column.

What an awful argument people try to make when they hold championship game losses against someone.

This is so true, idk why nobody ever brings it up. Every season you don’t win a championship is a failure.

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1 minute ago, Art_Vandalay said:

Well, I guess this puts to rest the question of was it Brady or Belichick.

Agree, would love to hear arguments from someone against this.

Tom Brady IS the Patriot Way.

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5 minutes ago, bigbadbuff said:

TB12. Unreal.

Tampa D was unreal. The chiefs not scoring a TD??? Like what were the odds on that?

Odds are pretty good when you have a good defense...The Rams had a good offense the last time Brady won a SB, and the Patriots defense only allowed three points than...

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1 minute ago, AFlaccoSeagulls said:

I mean, they're backups going against competent pass rushers with 2 weeks to gameplan against them. Most of them are palying new positions, and KC just said "lol have fun 1-on-1 for 60 minutes while we drop back Mahomes for 5 seconds!"

it was just a mess for KC through and through lol

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