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Parallels between SB 55 and SB 18


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Defending Super Bowl Champ with a name that’s a reference to Native Americans plays team with a name that’s a reference to pirates. Team that was defending champs had been the class of the nfl all season only to get blown out in the Super Bowl by the pirate team and only scores 9 points. Pirate team had a QB that was drafted by the Patriots but left to join the pirate team.

Edit: Both Super Bowl’s were also played in Tampa.

Edit 2: Redskins also beat the Raiders in the regular season that year.

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Just now, TecmoSuperJoe said:

Yeah, and he probably didn't steal the idea from you. :)

But I heard this same comparison the other day elsewhere. Maybe on Reddit. Easy to see why. 

That was probably me FYI. This post was a copy and paste of my own Reddit post.

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