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Russell Wilson reportedly unhappy with Seahawks


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I could see the jets jumping on this before Watson or maybe the Pats. I think Wilson would rather go to the Pats. Better run organization. Also he would cost less that Watson I believe and the pats could do their usual of drafting a QB to back him up and possibly start or be a bargaining chip eventually. Or maybe he goes to the miners in a Wilson for Garoppolo and picks. That way he could stick it to the Seahawks twice a year.

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15 minutes ago, Jaguarfan said:

Non story. I’m all for this offseason being wild but let me tell ya, nothing is going to happen with this other than maybe the Seahawks making a big FA lineman signing or maybe trading up to get a top tier lineman in the draft. 

Absolutely.  This "story" started about a week ago and has had no legs since.  Wilson isn't going anywhere.  This is nothing more than the media taking a small quote and running with it in order to create a story. 

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6 minutes ago, ravishingone said:

Every GM has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to drafting prospects by position.  Schneider has shown an inability to identify talent on the OL.  Now, not sure what Wilson can add in that area.


When you have a weakness drafting in a certain area, that's where you spend money in FA.  They have been great at drafting LB and DB, but then they spend big to keep those guys.  Maybe let one or two go and spend big on OL in FA.  That's more of a long term strategy than a now one, and it's also dependent on self awareness of their own deficiencies, which not all are willing to acknowledge.

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