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The “Howie Roseman Subpar” Thread

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I felt like I needed a thread to shred Howie everyday until he is fired or I die of old age, whichever happens first.

Please add your own Howie related vitriol here too. The only way we can get through this is together...

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3 hours ago, Danger said:

ok, well I'm gonna lock the "Fire Howie Roseman Thread" then. We don't need multiple.

Honestly you should lock all the threads that aren’t about firing Howie Roseman 

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41 minutes ago, RandyMossIsBoss said:

The longer this trade doesn’t happen, the more concerned I am that Howie is going to screw it up by asking for too much and getting hung up on:

He’s screwed everything else up. This will be no different because he sucks 

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1 hour ago, soflbillsfan said:

Does Howie have a twin that was accidentally separated at birth and his brother is Jack Easterby? Or is Jack from a different universe in which he is the Howie Roseman of that Earth or vis versa? 

Howie takes off his hair to become Jack Esterby

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