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BDL 2017 Week 6: Gotham Gashslayers @ Charleston Dingos


Gotham Gashslayers @ Charleston Dingos  

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BDL 2017 Week 6: 

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For people who have been following along and wish to vote: please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (GTD) are game-time decisions.

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Gotham Gashslayers

QB - Matthew Stafford

RB - Doug Martin

WR - Demaryius Thomas

WR - Jarvis Landry

TE - Vernon Davis

TE - Luke Wilson

LT - Jake Matthews

LG - Matt Slauson

C - Maurkice Pouncey

RG - Shaq Mason

RT - Mitchell Schwartz


RB - Derrick Henry

RB - Jacquizz Rodgers

WR - Breshad Perriman

WR - Amara Darboh

QB - Carson Wentz

OL - AJ Cann

OL - Andrus Peat


EDGE - Leonard Floyd

INT - Bennie Logan

INT Muhammad Wilkerson

EDGE - Ziggy Ansah

MLB - Bernardrick McKinney

WLB - Zach Cunningham

SS/SLB -  Kam Chancellor

CB - Xavier Rhodes

CB - Xavien Howard

CB - Jourdan Lewis

FS - Justin Simmons


CB- Rasul Douglas

CB - Demaryius Randall

S - Eric Reid

LB - Reuben Foster

LB - Mason Foster

DL - Austin Johnson

DL - Vernon Butler



Charleston Offense:

QB1: Phillip Rivers
RB1: Melvin Gordon
WR1: Golden Tate
WR2: Randall Cobb 
WR3: Rishard Matthews
TE: Jimmy Graham 
LT: Joe Staley
LG: Kelvin Beachum
C:  Cody Whitehair
RG: Brandon Brooks
RT: Mike Remmers

FB: Andy Janovich
RB2:  Demarco Murray 
RB3: Aaron Jones
TE2: Julius Thomas
WR4: Kendall Wright
WR5: Mike Williams
OL6: Nate Solder
OL7: A.Q Shipley

Charleston Defense:

LDE: Derrick Morgan
3T:  Malik Jackson
DT:  Leonard Williams
RDE: Noah Spence
WLB: Lavonte David - [Q]
MLB: Myles Jack
CB1: Marcus Peters 
CB2: Brandon Carr
CB3: Ross Cockrell
FS: Byron Jones
SS: Micah Hyde


SLB: Paul Poslusky
RLB: Thomas Davis
DE3: Mario Addison 
DT3: Brandon Mebane
DT4: Johnathan Bullard
CB4: Ricardo Allen
CB5: Deon Bush
S3:  Mathias Farley 


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This week we are coming out in a 2TE base set with the objective of running a possession offense.  We look to run the ball, win the time of possession battle and wear down Charleston’s defense.

With the Muscle Hamster’s return and looking good, we are going back to our 2 headed RB monster with Derrick Henry.  Charleston has some fine interior run defenders, so we will mix it up and run off tackle with Martin behind pulling guards, looking for him to turn the corner and punish DBs trying to take him down.  Henry will mostly pound the middle of the line, with the objective of wearing down the interior for our running game to be even more effective in the second half.  Running behind a 2 TE set will help absorb the Dingo LBs and give our guys a greater chance of getting to the second level.

We charge Stafford this week with protecting the ball and moving the chains.  Thomas and Landry will both see double digit targets in this game against a struggling set of CBs in Peters and Gilmore.  Expect to see some double moves out of Landry after establishing his short routes to gain some chunk plays.  We feel our O Line, especially with some TE chipping and Martin in on Pass Pro to give Stafford plenty of time for longer routes to develop.  Mixing in some play action after the run game is established should also give Thomas time to get freed up downfield to haul in some big gainers.

DEFENSE - 43 Hybrid Nickel

Charleston has plenty of talent on the offensive side of the ball, but no real superstars that need game planning for.  We come out in a our man front with Ansah and Floyd on the edges, with the goal of getting to Rivers early and often.  Floyd whipped Remmers in their contest a week ago with 2 sacks, we have no reason to not expect the same type of pressure here.

We will have Kam play mostly up in the box again over Graham with read react responsibilities in the run game.  Kam had noted success against Graham in the past, so much as to troll the TE before he eventually came over the Seahwaks IRL.  We will play man against 3 wide sets with Rhodes erasing Tate, Howard on Cobb, with Lewis on Matthews.

With Kam up in the box and playing single high with Simmons over the top, this gives MCKinney and Cunningham freedom to concentrate against the run.  We expect them to limit Murray and Gordon rom breaking into the second level and force Charleston into 3rd and long passing downs where our pass rushers can pin their ears back and get to statuesque Rivers.  McKinney will mostly be a 5th rusher on passing downs, blitzing from both inside and outside depending on formation.




Charleston Offensive Strategy: Get the ball out quick, Hurry Up offense, Make plays, Run the ball.

The Passing Strategy: We're going to come out and attack Gotham's secondary which is missing Josh Norman and is playing a bunch of scrubs at CB, Golden Tate will be our no.1 WR and he'll matchup with Xavier Rhodes who has struggled to cover anyone this but is excellent at run defense. Randall Cobb will be our no.2 WR and he'll matchip with Jourdan Lewis and we'll target him heavily. Rishard Matthews will be our no.3 WR and he'll have an excellent matchup with Xavien Howard Or Randall who both suck to put it nicely. Jimmy Graham will be moved out to the slot he'll more than likely draw Kam Chancellor's coverage and we think he can win that matchup, but he won't get more than 8 targets unless Kam doesn't cover him. Our main priority will be getting the ball in the hands of our WRs who should be able to make plenty of YAC and get lots of chunk yardage against a defense that will be crushed following the loss of their defensive leader. Gotham's safeties are pretty meh with Chancellor being their best one by a mile, I'm not sure Gotham will have a 3rd safety active and if they don't I expect their safeties will wear out later in the game due to playing too many snaps. While Gotham does possess an elite front seven I doubt they'll be able to get to Rivers since we'll be getting the ball out quickly and using a hurry up offense that will focus on getting the ball to our WRs. Phillip Rivers is playing much better than he was earlier in the year and with this hurry up tempo he should be able to pick apart Gotham's secondary with ease, Melvin Gordon will operate as the Primary RB and 3rd down back and he'll get a few screens/checkdowns and stay in to pass block if it's needed. Navarro Bowman just got cut so Gotham will be struggling to find a replacement for him, McKinney a former Dingo will probably be out for blood but he kinda sucks now anyway so meh. Zach Cunningam is Gotham's best LB by a decent margin and he's playing pretty well for a rookie. We'll also use some 2 TE sets to get Julius Thomas involved and to keep Gotahm guessing.

The Running Strategy: Melvin Gordon will be our primary RB and Demarco Murray will mix in to keep him fresh, we'll use Gordon on at least 75% of the RB snaps and Aaron Jones will get a few touches as well. We'll commit to running the football since Gotham will probably expect us to air it out against an awful secondary, we will be airing it out but we won't forget about the running game and we'll commit to it even if it doesn't yield much yardage against such a good d-line. Despite losing their best player on defense, Gotham's d-line is still pretty damned good but my RBs should be able to break plenty of tackles once they get to the second level. My O-line should be able to keep Rivers well protected since we're going to get the ball out quickly to counter their pass rush. My O-line does have some weaknesses but those will be mitigated against a defense that probably won't be playing at 100% since they just lost their best player and will struggle to get to Rivers. We should be able to open some decent running lanes as well since my o-line welcomes new Stud C Cody Whtiehair who was a top 5 C as a rookie and has returned to rookie form as of late, he struggled to begin the year but he's back to top form as of now.

TDLR: Run the Ball, Keep Rivers Protected, Get YAC, Make Plays.

Charleston Defensive Strategy: 

The Defensive Passing Strategy: Marcus Peters will cover Demaryius Thomas, Brandon Carr will cover Jarvis Landry, Ross Cockrell will cover the slot and their no.3 WR depending on the matchup. We'll mostly be playing Man Coverage since I don't think their WRs can get open against my CBs, While Stafford is the 4th Q comeback king he isn't exactly playing well in the first 3 Qs this year. Gotham has no TEs that pose a threat in the passing game and their RBs are both awful pass catchers so they offer no threats in that area so my defense should be able to focus on their WRs who are their only chance of moving the football. My edge rushers led by Derrick Morgan and Noah spence will put a decent amount of pressure on Stafford who tends to hold onto the football too long, My Interior D-line led by Jackson and Williams should be able to collapse Stafford's pocket and keep them from running up the gut. My safeties are playing pretty well this year with Hyde leading the NFL in INTs and Byron Jones being the Cowboys best back seven player. My LBs led by Myles Jack should be able to stop the run and cover whoever they need to cover, we'll rotate our LBs a decent amount to keep them fresh and if we get David back that will make it all the more easier to shut down Gotham's running game.

The Run Defense: Gotham's running game is led by Doug Martin who looks like he's finally going to not dissapoint in a season for the first time in a long while, Derrick Henry whose barely getting touches in his IRL offense and Jacquizz Rodgers who is just a medicore backup. Gotham's o-line possess some good players including former Dingo Maurkice Pouncey who will probably be a little pissed off this week. However my d-line should be able to shut down the run and force Gotham to beat us via the passing game. We'll rotate our D-line heavily with their backups to keep them fresh, we'll also use goaline defense as it's needed and use a variety of coverages to keep Stafford guessing. Gotham is a talented team but this isn't their week, we're playing an injured team at home that doesn't have enough weapons on offense to challenge my defense and we should be able to beat them.

TDLR: Force Turnovers, Shut down their WRs, Stop the run, Pressure Stafford.

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20 hours ago, Whicker said:

I really enjoyed reading about Charleston's motivation for this game.

Too many untrue statements about the other team for me. It's like half the gameplan is just bashing good players yet hyping still underachieving Cody Whitehair...

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1 minute ago, Counselor said:

Too many untrue statements about the other team for me. It's like half the gameplan is just bashing good players yet hyping still underachieving Cody Whitehair...

I think @Whicker was talking about how Dingo had a 'motivation' section and left it completely blank. Twas a joke.

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On 10/15/2017 at 3:04 PM, Whicker said:

I really enjoyed reading about Charleston's motivation for this game.

I needed a good laugh thanks. 

10 hours ago, Counselor said:

Too many untrue statements about the other team for me. It's like half the gameplan is just bashing good players yet hyping still underachieving Cody Whitehair...

It's not untrue if you eventually give in to the propaganda. Avatar was a cinematic masterpiece.

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Meh Charleston's gameplan has holes in it but I can totally see Gotham being deflated after losing J.J watt for the season. 23-20 Charleston because they're at home and I think they're able to move the ball enough against a banged up Gotham team.

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11 hours ago, Counselor said:

I'm going with Gashies here the fact Dingo called Rhodes a scrub is funny and the rest of that game plan is full of bashing the other team and making claims of grandeur about his own players. Gotham has enough firepower to win this matchup. 

.... Gotham will score points but I have way more firepower than they do on offense.  But you're right I did go a little overboard with the propaganda so that's fair.

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Really good teams, but I give the advantage to Gotham in the writeups. I do think Xavier Rhodes is playing capable football, and I think Gothams plan to run the ball is a potential difference maker. That being said Gothams front 7 and pass rush should keep Gotham in the game. In the end, I will vote for the home team to steal the win with Melvin Gordon and DeMarco Murray stealing the headlines.

Charleston 28-Gotham 24

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