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Which will be the more unforgiveable sin in Boston sports: Selling Babe Ruth or chasing Tom Brady away

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On 2/13/2021 at 2:41 AM, Crimmage said:

Not to get sidetracked but MLB contracts are nuts, Mookie was 27 when he got his massive contract. The entire concept of arbitration years and the general amount of time before free agency is insane. Lots of guys don't reach free agency for the first time till they are almost 30 because of it ( either from arbitration or signing a more team friendly deal to avoid it). Young players get screwed money wise .. but if you are able to hold out and be good long term you get rewarded with INSANE money compared to other sports. 


Mookie got 12 years, at age 26. Does anyone in the world really think he will be able to still be in the league at at 38? He's incredibly talented but he's a small guy overall.. 5 years of that contract could be horrendous. If MLB had limits on contracts similar to the NBA ( I think 5 years) then Mookie likely would have been resigned. The Red Sox have more than enough money to be able to afford wasting the money at the end of that contract but I have a hard time being too angry with them for trading him. Especially because I'm not sure he wanted to stay here anyway.


Dodgers might get a dynasty because of this trade. I think it was an awful trade and Mookie will be great for at least another 7 years.

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It has to be Babe Ruth in this one.  Brady is in the twilight of his career and he gave you guys almost 20 years of excellence.  If I'm remembering correctly, didn't Babe Ruth have a lot of years left to play?  Most people think of him as a NY Yankee, so he must have played for them for a long time, which had to hurt the baseball fans in Boston back in the day.  The fact that we are still talking about it just shows how eggregious of an error it was.  Even if Tom gets one more, nobody outside of Boston is ever going to think you guys made a mistake and "chased him away."  These last 2-3 years are just the cherry on top of a huge sundae of success for his career.

Another thing I would also like to say as an outsider.  People around this site from other teams are trying to now say that since Brady is the GOAT, your run of success was all because of him and Bill Belichick just rode on Tom's coat tails.  That's a joke.  BB is ALSO the GOAT when it comes to head coaches, no matter how successful Brady is in his last stint with the Bucs.  He just needs to get another QB and he'll be right back in the mix too. 

Anyway, good luck to the Patriots in the draft and in 2021!

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