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How far would Indy have gotten if Andrew Luck did not retire?

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They would have won a couple playoff games I imagine. No idea why people are projecting further out than that. Deshaun Watson has already shown more in 4 seasons than Luck did in his career.

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4 hours ago, Starless said:

Didn't retire? Or didn't suffer the multiple career-altering injuries that prompted him to retire?


Luck had all the talent in the world, bit the injuries would have eventually started taking their toll. With the ones he already had, I wouldn't have been surprised if he never actually reached his potential and his window closed sooner rather than later. Almost no way he plays another 8-10 years at a high level. Possible, sure. But unlikely. 

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13 minutes ago, Kip Smithers said:

How so?

I think they had similar peaks as passers, but Deshaun has been much more consistent in his level of play season over season while being a more dynamic runner. And he's actually available to play

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18 hours ago, biggie. said:

Luck ended the 2018 season as arguably the best quarterback in the league. However, he retired in the following offseason and many people had Indy in Super Bowl talks beforehand.

Luck ended the 2018 season with a blowout loss to the league MVP, Mahomes. Luck led his offense to 6 points against the 31st ranked defense in the NFL

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1 hour ago, King Joffrey said:

Luck imo was pretty overhyped/overrated

In his last game against the Chiefs he barely got a 1st down.  

The guy came in to an organization with a black hole at GM, below average coaching staff, and terrible OL. Team went from 2-14 to a playoff team at 11-5 year one.

He also got absolutely killed due to a lack of talent around him and a GM that kept his job because Luck carried that terrible team to the playoffs year after year.

He wasn't ever a top 3 QB, but he was right in that next tier imo. Had he been given help and not left out to dry right out of the gate...

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