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BDL 2017 Week 6: Rome Eternals @ Cuba Smugglers


Rome Eternals @ Cuba Smugglers  

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BDL 2017 Week 6: 

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For people who have been following along and wish to vote: please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (GTD) are game-time decisions.

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Rome Eternals

QB Drew Brees

RB Todd Gurley

WR Amari Cooper

WR Michael Crabtree

Slot WR Danny Amendola

TE Austin Seferian Jenkins

LT Jason Peters

LG Ramon Foster

C Justin Britt

RG Brandon Linder

RT Marcus Gilbert


RB Theo Riddick

WR Ted Ginn Jr

RB Adrian Peterson

OT Riley Reiff

OL Jack Mewhort

WR Juju Smith-Shuster

FB Tommy Bohanon

TE OJ Howard


Edge Dante Fowler Jr

DI Michael Brockers

DI Dalvin  Tomlinson

Edge Carlos Dunlap

LB CJ Mosley

LB Wesley Woodyard

CB Janoris Jenkins

CB Prince Amukamara

S  Darian Stewart

S Pat Chung

CB Marlon Humphrey


Edge Takk McKinley

Edge Hau’oli  Kikaha

DL Malcom Brown

DL Matt Ioannidis

S Shawn Williams

CB Nickell Robey Coleman

CB Nevin Lawson

LB Vincent Rey



Cuba Smugglers

QB: Kirk Cousins 
RB: Tevin Coleman
WR: Julio Jones
WR: Kelvin Benjamin 
WR: Terrelle Pryor Sr.
TE: Jack Doyle
LT: Joe Thomas
LG: Joe Berger
C: John Sullivan 
RG: David DeCastro
RT: Rob Havenstien

WR: Michael Floyd 
RB: Jamaal Charles 
OW: Tavon Austin 
RB: Frank Gore 
WR: Kamar Aiken
QB: DeShaun Watson 
TE: Ed Dickson
OL: James Carpenter 

ROLB: Dee Ford
DT: Fletcher Cox
NT: Derek Wolfe
LDE: Calais Campbell 
ILB: Derrick Johnson
ILB: Brandon Marshall
S/LB: Morgan Burnett
RCB: Desmond Trufant 
FS: LaMarcus Joyner
SS: Tyvon Branch 
LCB: Richard Sherman 

ROLB: Terrell Suggs
LOLB: Julius Peppers
DE: Mario Edwards Jr.
DT: Derek Wolfe
RCB: Johnathan Joseph 
NCB: Anthony Brown
ROLB: Jordan Jenkins
ILB: Kyle Van Noy

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Rome Eternals


With our offense sputtering, management made a big move and brought in superstar quarterback Drew Brees.  Brees is a huge upgrade for our roster and allows us to be one of the most balanced teams in the BDL.  This move has sparked the locker room and we are ready to take on division rival Cuba

Up front, we welcome back stud RT Marcus Gilbert who we believe gives us a big upper hand in the battle of the trenches.  Jason Peters continues to be his solid self while the Foster, Linder, Britt combo should hold up well in the interior.  Cuba generally has two different offensive lines, one is more of a run stopping unit with Edwards and Campbell playing outside, the other consists of Terrell Suggs on the edge and likely Edwards inside.  If Cuba goes with the big boy lineup expect us to head back into shotgun and run some hurry up to tire them out.  We will have more time with the big d line to throw deeper passes and it will also allow us to run more sweeps with gurley

If, as expected, Cuba goes with the Suggs line, then we will be a little more balanced offensively.  Desmond Trufant is an excellent corner and we won’t throw his way too often.  However, we are not scared of Richard Sherman who has simply just been ok this year and we feel Crabtree or Cooper could do well against him.  In the slot, Cuba likes to use a double coverage to mask their third corner’s lack of productivity.  If they don’t, expect Danny Amendola to have a huge game.  We also will find whoever Brandon Marshall is covering, be it ASJ or a running back and target him a lot as he is simply horrific in coverage.  We respect DJ at the other LB position in coverage and probably won’t go after him much.

If Cuba starts showing us a lot of zones, expect us to use floods and a lot of routes going up the seams to find the holes in the zone.  Brees is one of the best at registering what is happening before the snap and we trust him to lead our offense.

We will incorporate Riddick into the game more often if we find Marshall  to be covering the RB more to take advantage there.  We have Ginn to come in and take the top off in long distance and Smith-Shuster comes in to help move the chains if we want to spread it out in shorter distances.  We even feature a goal line set with a FB and second TE for when we need to get that short yardage.  

TL/Dr  Stay balanced on offense, go after the weaker corners and cover LB of the Cuban defense, Brees leads us to victory



This week we have division rival Kirk You Like That Cousins.  Kirk has developed into a solid NFL QB but we feel we have the ability to shut this offense down.  The beginning of doing this is shutting down Julio Jones

Our first job is to lock up Julio and we plan on doubling him all game long.  Rookie Marlon Humphreys is gonna get physical with Julio at the line with constant help over the top by Chung.  By doubling and effectively taking out Jones from the equation, it allows us to use our top two corners on Cuba other WR  Jenkins draws Benjamin and Prince gets Pryor  Mosley gets Gates & woodyard gets Gore.  Stewart will play a cover one over the top.

Up front we feel we have a big advantage on the offensive defensive line battle.  Joe Thomas is obviously a stud but the LG C, rt position are a little weak.  We plan on lining Tomlinson in between the RG and C to eat them up.  This should allow Brockers to cause pressure up the middle and Fowler should cause all kinds of problems against Havenstein who has really struggled in pass protection so far this season.  

We will mix in some zone blitzes to make sure to give cousins some different looks mixing up cover two and cover three zones behind the blitzing.  With the Cuba running game down to Frank Gore and Jamaal Charles, we feel we can pin our ears back and go after Cousins endlessly.  We can rotate in McKinley and Kikaha on the line to keep the edges fresh.  Brown and Ioannis get some more run than normal this week in down and distance replacing the meat wall up front to garner some more pass rush

TL/DR:  Double Julio, use excellent corners against other options, get after Kirky


Cuba Smugglers

Revenge Game!

Scoring points is always the most important statistic. Rome has one CB (Jenkins) capable of handling top receivers. The issue there is Julio Jones has proven to be strong as a receiver this year despite not grabbing his first TD. In the redzone if Julio is single covered we're going to feed him. Julio may be double covered and that opens Benjamin/Pryor. Between having two additional 6'5 wideouts who command attention there is only so much Rome can do on pass defense. If either receiver is double covered they open up Tevin Coleman, Jack Doyle, and the ever versatile OW Tavon Austin. Tevin Coleman is listed as a starter and plays the primary amount of snaps. In all situations (redzone, traditional, goal line, & receiving) he has proven capable albeit in a limited role. Frank Gore, Tavon Austin, and Jamaal Charles will all have plays coming out the backfield. We'll play two of those guys together in open 3 WR sets. Doyle is significantly involved as a receiver opening up other portions of the field by taking space in the middle against Mosley or a Safety. Lastly we speak about Tavon Austin. He'll get his 3-4 touches on about 12 snaps. His impact can be an important factor in this game because we have so many weapons for Rome to focus upon. If Austin is accounted for, this probably means Jones/Pryor/Benjamin are accounted for by one person. We want to make Rome pay for this.

Gameplan: Kirk Cousins has to get into rhythm. Establish one of three receivers (Julio/Bemjamin/Pryor get in depth chart

Feed Julio Jones. Tevin Coleman early! Let him develop into a play action threat where we an feed Julio. Let Kirk Cousins get into a rhythm. Establish the running game.

Rome is going through a transition period at the QB position. Eli Manning was the starter but Drew Brees is the new starter. Brees is a QB of a team that with one viable weapon this year at receiver (until Cooper regains his confidence) and just getting his first snaps with a new team AS THE STARTING QB. The goal remains stopping the run, bringing safeties up occasionally to do this and mix man/zone coverage with actual blitzes. If we can stop the run to force lengthy passing situations we are maintaining coverage switches between one and two men deep. 

Trufant will have some special assignments. He may lineup on a TE (OJ Howard/Brate) if Rome wants to play the 2 TE 1 WR formation from last week. Otherwise he'll get Cooper. Sometimes he gets safety help,  most of the time he does not. The money matchup is Crabtree going against Sherman. It's been a while but we figure both guys should match the oppositions intensity. The game will be decided if we can stop Todd Gurley and occasionally Theo Riddick. When the goal is stopping Todd Gurley, Mario Edwards lineup opposite Calais Campbell. This strategy increases the beef upfront, and we haven't mentioned the return of Fletcher Cox. Cox, Wolfe, Edwards, and Baker are the interior guys who have responsibility to stop Gurley from gaining 4-5 yards before contact. If we stop the running game, and hold the edges when Trubinsky tries running we can finally do what we do best: rush the passer. Julius Peppers will get some chances on the edge opposite Terrell Suggs. 

Gameplan: Drew Brees at QB has limited receivers to target. Focus on Gurley and Sherman on Crabtree. Mix help against Riddick(two guys on coverage, led by Burnett).

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19 minutes ago, bcb1213 said:

Apparantly no plan for more than 2 WR and then game plannning on Trubisky for some reason playing.  Weird

Meh, he made one slip up about Trubisky, otherwise he talked about Brees the whole time.

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15 minutes ago, Jlash said:

Meh, he made one slip up about Trubisky, otherwise he talked about Brees the whole time.

My comment was more it seemed weird is all.  He spent the whole time talking Brees, then randomly went into Trubisky running.  I'd say he just mixed up the names but there's no way brees is running nor have I ever started Mitch.  Just seemed odd is all

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53 minutes ago, MD4L said:

Also unless Cooper goes off against Sherman, I'm not sure how your receivers are getting yards.

Seeing how you have Sherman on Crabtree I'm now confused. Or I'll just go after your nickel corner with almendola as described or Marshall as described.  

And yes I won't waste my number one corner on a double team cause that's stupid 

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1 hour ago, bcb1213 said:

Seeing how you have Sherman on Crabtree I'm now confused. Or I'll just go after your nickel corner with almendola as described or Marshall as described.  

And yes I won't waste my number one corner on a double team cause that's stupid 

I'm saying there's a reasonable chance Crabtree, Amendola, and Cooper combine for less than 100 yards receiving. Also believe it's more likely Crabtree is contained by Sherman than Marlon Humphrey and Pat Chung slow down Julio Jones.

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