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NBA 2020-21 Season - Game Day Thread (Bring Back The Wolf Pit!)

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Gasol comes in and first possession he shuts Jokic out and forces him to throw to someone for a tough three near the end of the clock.

Wow... who would have guessed?

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4 hours ago, TheRealMcCoy said:

we are gonna either compete hard and somehow be in a game we have no business being in or Jokic is gonna mop the floor with us. No in between. 

The Office Nbc GIF

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6 minutes ago, 11sanchez11 said:

i think the lakers winning was bettering the chances of LA/LA R1 so good win

Does it? I think its too early to tell what any of the match-ups round 1 will be.

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I don't know what was worse - the absolutely abysmal call against Facu that would've cut the lead to 1, or the fact Malone didn't challenge it. There is 2 mins left in the game, man. What are you saving the challenge for?

I think that game highlighted what scares Nuggets fans the most. If MPJ isn't scoring like he wasn't in the first 3 quarters, we are in big trouble, especially without Will Barton who can at least get hot on occasions. That isn't a criticism of Mike - he's been amazing since Jamal got injured. But in a playoff series against high quality opposition, the fear is the lack of scoring when Mike (or Jokic, that once in a blue moon) doesn't score early and often.

Schedule of Clippers, Lakers, Knicks, Jazz and Nets all in a run is going to give us a decent idea of how the Nuggets scoring will hold up.

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